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ordinary clothing as distinguished from uniforms, work clothes, clerical garb, etc

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The consultation is for the supply and delivery of uniforms for environmental agents and civilian clothing for different services GPMM.
Inmates are entitled to wear civilian clothing when appearing before a judge and a jury, said Stephen Morello, a department spokesperson, but the jail staff misread Lowery's accompanying paperwork.
He also revealed plans to appoint a national security adviser, make service personnel working at the Ministry of Defence wear uniforms instead of civilian clothing and award campaign medals to RAF medics who are currently not eligible for them.
On the same day, a vehicle belonging to a UN agency was carjacked near Al Salam internally displaced persons (IDPs) camp in Nyala town, South Darfur by three armed men in civilian clothing.
Mr Sutton described how injured troops were arriving at Selly Oak Hospital's Alexander Wing and the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham without civilian clothing and no money to purchase basic essentials.
According to his mother, Amal Abdel Fattah Ahmed, Gad was attacked by four men wearing civilian clothing outside his home in Qotour, near Tanta in El-Gharbeyya governorate before being bundled into a central security forces truck.
The men (below) are wearing civilian clothing but with rank insignia on the sleeve or lapel.
Police detective Aharon Yair, when questioned by defense attorney Naftali Wurtzburger, admitted to a Jerusalem magistrate's court that special police forces, dressed in civilian clothing and police hats, waited with local Palestinian Authority Bedouins in ambush for the hikers to arrive in the area as part of a four-day journey.
On demob, I got the bare necessities of civilian clothing, a "thank you" letter from General Montgomery and the right to claim a number of service medals.
Israeli forces kill two members of Hamas and wound four others as they prepare to fire a mortar shell into Israel, and kill at least one Palestinian security officer in Bethlehem after Israeli forces in civilian clothing are fired upon as they try to carry out an arrest raid.
And one man, understood to be a local businessman, is reported by eyewitnesses to have been led away by officers, many of whom were dressed in civilian clothing.
The badge cannot be issued posthumously as it is a survivor's badge, which is to be worn on civilian clothing.
The badge, intended to be worn with civilian clothing so veterans can be recognised in the community, covers those who served in the two World Wars as well as at Suez.
breaking out of jail wearing civilian clothing and using a fake ID.
Congress tells us what we can spend tax dollars on, and personal things like hygiene items, phone cards, DVD movies and players, handheld games books, and civilian clothing are not authorized,'' he said Wednesday.
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