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ordinary clothing as distinguished from uniforms, work clothes, clerical garb, etc

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Contract award: supply and delivery of uniforms for environmental agents and civilian clothing for different services gpmm
He said the money raised by the cadets would be used to supply injured personnel with packs containing full washing and shaving kit, trainers, socks, underwear, civilian clothing and treats such as chocolate and biscuits.
These discharged solders have been given civilian clothing and identity cards; also briefed about work and accommodation assistance being offered by UNICEF, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) the UN Population Fund (UNFPA), Nepal's government and the Maoists' Unified Communist Party of Nepal--Maoist (UCPN-M).
My brother and Sultan Mehmeti are directly taken by policemen that were dressed in civilian clothing," Fazli Veliu, brother of missing Ruzdi Veliu told "KOHA E RE".
Reports quoted an eyewitness as saying that dozens of security personnel dressed in civilian clothing beat the crowd with batons.
Baggage fee waiving is for military personnel travelling for business of pleasure in uniform or civilian clothing to any WestJet destination.
Unlike in past clashes between protesters and police, yesterday's clashes took a darker turn when residents and possibly police in civilian clothing engaged in the violence.
Al-Hayat al-Jadida reported on its front page that a Palestinian man from the village of Ramon, East of Ramallah, died on Monday of wounds sustained when Israeli soldiers in civilian clothing shot him last week.
Witnesses said: "members of Hamas dressed in civilian clothing and driving civilian vehicles broke into al- katiba yard, attacked protesters, severely beaten them and burnt all the tents set in the yard, causing about 40 injuries including cases of suffocation.
A Reuters photo from the scene showed civilian vehicles, armed soldiers and bodies in civilian clothing scattered along the road.
The consultation focuses on the supply and delivery of workwear, rainwear and cold, uniforms for the Harbour, uniforms for security officers, uniforms for environmental officers and civilian clothing the various departments of the great seaport of Marseille (GPMM).
Head of Ramon village council, Abdul Mahmoud Jib'ayeh, told WAFA Israeli soldiers in civilian clothing shot Rashad Shokha, along with his brothers Anwar and Akram in the backyard of their house during a pre-dawn raid of the village.
Other questionable purchases included pictures for the base legal office ordered from an airline magazine, a leather backpack for a laptop computer, civilian clothing for military personnel, food for employees, party supplies, and invitations to a change-of-command ceremony.
Pullum, a 31-year-old ``three strikes'' felon from Van Nuys, exchanged his jail-issued clothing and was allowed to wear his civilian clothing in court.
He may try to nab civilian clothing to change into, they said.
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