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a lawsuit alleging violations of civil law by the defendant

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The ADR taskforce will help individual courts set up civil suits screening committees that will determine cases that should proceed into full hearing before courts and those suitable for mediation.
A court hearing on the civil suit is scheduled for January.
The company is still in the process of finalising its earlier-disclosed settlement in principle with several states, which filed similar civil suits related to Exjade.
The court decided that Lefkaritis' assets will remain frozen until the civil suit trial concludes.
Mia Gonzalez, who writes for the Business Mirror and is one of the journalists facing libel suits, welcomed the civil suit against Arroyo as ''a way to thaw the chilling effect of the libel cases against journalists.
And on March 16 Maryland legislators were to consider legislation that would extend the statute of limitations for filing a civil suit alleging childhood sexual abuse from the victim's 25th birthday to his or her 46th birthday.
But Beierschmitt said he wasn't waiting and with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union was mounting a civil suit against his attackers.
According to a civil suit filed by Anchor Bay before the criminal charges were filed last fall, a vendor company called Premiere Video Inc.
The Supreme Court's decision in Chavez essentially foreclosed the possibility of a successful civil suit being brought against law enforcement officers for simple, unintentional violations of Miranda.
George's family launched a civil suit for wrongful death against the OPP and the Ontario government.
The Nagoya District Court on Friday ordered the Japan Sewage Works Agency and three leading electric appliance makers to pay a total of about 100 million yen to Aichi Prefecture and the city of Nagoya in a civil suit over a bid-rigging case concerning water and sewage construction projects in the prefecture in early 1990s.
It will also include practice trends and complete listings of civil suit verdicts and settlements from through the state.
Herrera, filed a civil suit in Buenos Aires against the two designers for the right to register his daughter's name.
For example, if they're contemplating a civil suit, who--what individuals or corporate entity--would the suit be filed against and what charges would be brought?
6 million civil suit against Joel Steinberg, her common law husband who remains in prison for the highly publicized beating death of their young daughter nearly a decade ago.