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a lawsuit alleging violations of civil law by the defendant

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A court hearing on the civil suit is scheduled for January.
The court decided that Lefkaritis' assets will remain frozen until the civil suit trial concludes.
In April of 2007 UMDA filed a civil suit against Robert Pfaff, John Larson, and a number of their associates and corporate entities in Superior Court of the CNMI to recover tens of millions of dollars in damages (plus punitive damages) for harm done to the company over a ten year period ending in 2006.
If the intention of the libel case is to teach journalists a lesson, then I think this civil suit should also teach somebody a lesson,'' he said.
At the time we filed our lawsuit, we were not fully aware of the trail that the money had taken or the degree of involvement of the son," said Hynds, who was lead attorney in Anchor Bay's civil suit.
Nevertheless, Martinez filed a civil suit under Section 1983, claiming that the interrogation of him violated both his Fifth Amendment right against compelled self-incrimination and his Fourteenth Amendment due process rights.
George's family launched a civil suit for wrongful death against the OPP and the Ontario government.
Proponents of this approach are recommending that it be expanded to require that the CBA be notified of any insurance claim or civil suit filing.
The Nagoya District Court on Friday ordered the Japan Sewage Works Agency and three leading electric appliance makers to pay a total of about 100 million yen to Aichi Prefecture and the city of Nagoya in a civil suit over a bid-rigging case concerning water and sewage construction projects in the prefecture in early 1990s.
It will also include practice trends and complete listings of civil suit verdicts and settlements from through the state.
Herrera, filed a civil suit in Buenos Aires against the two designers for the right to register his daughter's name.
For example, if they're contemplating a civil suit, who--what individuals or corporate entity--would the suit be filed against and what charges would be brought?
6 million civil suit against Joel Steinberg, her common law husband who remains in prison for the highly publicized beating death of their young daughter nearly a decade ago.
Later, according to a civil suit filed on Marcus's behalf last year, officers entered the room with a "box with a round knob on it and two cords extending from it.
Moreover, a civil suit by ESOP trustees based on the Farnum approach to ESOP appraisals was recently found to be without substance in the case of Scott v.