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a public official who is a member of the civil service

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The Telegraph recently revealed that civil servants took home more than PS7.
The bench decided that legal heirs of deceased parents would be eligible to plead their pending cases which entailed only financial benefits inheritable by the legal heirs of the civil servant upon their demise.
The report said that by the end of last year, more than six out of ten civil servants were women.
A report which examines the effects of high inflation on civil servants was released by the Turkish Health Care Workers' Union (TE-rk Say-lyk-Sen) on Friday.
THE sacking of Alun Davies has brought into sharp focus the relationship between Ministers and the civil servants who advise them - not least because the former Minister's dismissal was precipitated by information supplied by his own Private Secretary.
Supreme Court says civil servants must get fixed tenure &not act on verbal orders
Claire Thompson, 31, a civil servant from Ryton: "The last thing I lost was my notepad at work, which had all my notes.
The relationship between civil servant and employer was not founded by signing a mutually binding contract - that would have been considered tantamount to reducing civil servants to the status of salaried employees, who were alleged to be interested foremost in the pecuniary rewards of their work.
The new discount structure underscores CSE's commitment to the civil servant community that we serve," said Pierre Bize, President and CEO of CSE.
All I see is envy Keith Thomas I bet the civil servant walked straight into another highpaying position.
The government seems to have adopted the proposal, which includes abolishing the 45-year-old clause, as long as one has completed five years as a civil servant," Votsis said.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- The Prime Ministry, which previously made a decision that concentrates the authority for selling coal mines and all properties owned by the state under its control, has recently made a similar decision with plans to issue a bylaw that will regulate investigations into civil servants.
Barbara Mogridge, from HM Revenue and Customs in Stockton, was presented with a Certificate of Achievement for her remarkable volunteering efforts on behalf of the largest civilian occupational charity in the UK - The Charity for Civil Servants.
She called for "proper accountability" to "raise civil servants' game" and improve quality and standards after three Department for Transport (DfT) civil servants were suspended following the Government's U-turn, which will cost taxpayers at least PS40 million.
How can a Minister be responsible for the actions of every civil servant who works in their department?
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