civil marriage

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a marriage performed by a government official rather than by a clergyman

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Civil marriages at the municipality take place at the town hall, hotels, the Paphos harbor and in various beach locations, Costi said.
But an old apartheid-era law called the Native Administration Proclamation 15 of 1928 makes "out of community of property" the default matrimonial property regime for civil marriages between "Natives" north of the old "Police Zone".
At least [with this law] they can avoid traveling to other countries and conclude a civil marriage in Lebanon.
In addition, 60% of Arab respondents aged 25-34 support instituting civil marriage and divorce, compared to only 27% of Arabs 65 and older.
Civil marriages in Cyprus, mainly from neighbouring and other European countries, are expected to generate some EUR 120 mln for the economy, according to Antigoni Kapodistria, a senior official at the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO).
We hope that there would be civil marriage since it is the more appropriate exit for partners in a marriage.
A Public Religion Research Institute poll in March 2011 found that 43 percent of Catholic respondents support full civil marriage rights, with another 31 percent in favor of civil unions; a poll two years later found that 54 percent support full civil marriage rights with 38 percent opposed, a complete reversal of the findings as recently as 2008.
A church representative did not, however, take a hardline stance against civil marriage.
To be sure, confessional laws discouraged civil marriages in Lebanon--and strongly disapproved of mixed Christian-Muslim weddings unless one of the two converted--even if this latest legally binding order may actually be the harbinger of a nascent civil state.
Note that I am referring to civil marriage, not church marriage.
The Al Ain Court of First Instance is looking into a lawsuit filed by the woman demanding a ruling to enforce a paternity test to prove the Emirati man, in his forties, is the biological father of her child, following a civil marriage contract between the two.
THE Alliance Party's ruling council has voted in favour of the introduction of samesex civil marriage in Northern Ireland.
Any new law will apply only to civil marriage and the small number of religious groups who do agree with gay unions.
Government consultation on civil marriage closes on June 14.
Kiddushin and civil marriage give rise to wholly different rights and impose different responsibilities, and the processes for dissolving a Jewish union and a civil marriage also differ entirely.