civil law

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the body of laws established by a state or nation for its own regulation

the legal code of ancient Rome

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The 22-year-old Atio died September last year after undergoing hazing in the initiation rites of Aegis Juris, a law-school based fraternity that counts Civil Law Dean Nilo Divina as one of its most prominent alumni.
The Senate committees also stated that Divina should step down from his post as UST Civil Law Dean to make up for the 'injustice' done to Castillo's family when he failed to report to authorities the alleged hazing incident.
The relationship between Canon Law, which is applicable only to Catholics, and Civil Law is a very complex matter, and needs to be treated by a person who is qualified both in Canon Law and in Civil Law.
Perhaps the protocol itself will be adapted for a civil law context.
into the codification of the civil law in Quebec) (44) in his speech
The Chief Minister said training of Police and civil law enforcement agencies by Pak Army in a professional manner was helping in their capacity-building.
meaning in terms of legal systems of the so-called civil law countries.
Heretofore, the study of tsarist civil law primarily has focused on the most powerful institutional players--the important legislative commissions, Russia's highest appellate court (the Civil Cassation Department)--and how their pronouncements filtered down into Russian society.
Chairing the meeting, Ashraf Gujjar said that the committee would draft a bill including amended proposals in the Civil Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution Act to speed up justice and would submit it to the Parliament for approval.
Iran's law makers as laws about marriage and divorce is based on Imamiye Shia laws have to act based on this frame work and define divorce based on civil law and other law related to family.
Civil law legal tradition is based on statutes and comprehensive codes that have been formulated by legal scholars, and it is followed in France, Germany, and Scandinavian nations, as well as socialist countries (La Porta et al.
Fiduciary relationships play an important role in civil law and common law jurisdictions.
Mackaay (emeritus, law, Universite de Montreal, Canada) discovered through his teaching in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile that in countries where the legal system is based on the civil law tradition, there are considerable challenges and obstacles in presenting law and economics concepts that were developed in a common law context.
4) However, a more recent trend seems to have evaded thorough treatment by commentators (5): amicus briefs in civil law courts that historically have not accepted them.
But the Catholic patriarch said that the church cannot deny "unbelievers" from marrying, suggesting that a civil law for marriage was only meant for atheists or those who do not belong to one of Lebanon's recognized sects.