civil disobedience

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a group's refusal to obey a law because they believe the law is immoral (as in protest against discrimination)

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Others believe that when faced with a situation where science is no longer the basis of policy making, governments no longer attempt to garner the support of the majority, and the stakes are catastrophic, civil disobedience is justified, if not required.
Karbouli, said in a Friday sermon: "Monday will be the day of the civil disobedience in the provinces of Anbar, Nineveh, Salahuddin, Diyala, Kirkuk and west of Baghdad.
In this way, the lost influence is wished to be restored and a message to be sent," Najceska said, adding that the protests and blockades of streets are without a doubt one of the ways of civil disobedience.
Nonetheless, to keep in step with my friends in the Syracuse Peace community, in the 1980s I joined a meeting of organizers planning an act of civil disobedience against the nuclear arms buildup at the Seneca Army Depot near Romulus, New York.
While King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference used black churches as operational bases, the civil disobedience tactics came from his adherence to the teaching of Mahatma Ghandi, a Hindu.
The party went on to say that the civil disobedience should result in a "national elected assembly" that has sovereignty over a transitional period.
Not because of civil disobedience, but because neither the proponent nor the City of Toronto wanted the liability of groundwater possibly becoming contaminated.
Civil disobedience, which exists at the core of civil rights, resonates particularly with Aristotelian traditions, performance, and resistance.
The article is particularly interesting for questioning Berrigan's definition of civil disobedience by his becoming a fugitive after losing an appeal of the Catonsville Nine verdict.
Al-Nouba told Yemen Times that the armed wing of the Southern Movement, headed by the former president of the South, Ali Salem Al-Beidh, has called for civil disobedience in Southern governorates in order to escalate the situation.
PDSH does not want to give an official comment but unofficially it says that the party will look into the idea for civil disobedience and RDK shares a similar stance.
Ramadi / NINA / The civil disobedience called by the Organizing Committee for the sit-in of Anbar began since the dawn today 22, April.
At no point did members of staff from TPAS Cymru take part in, encourage, support or condone the acts of civil disobedience displayed in blocking Boulevard de Stuttgart.
Civil disobedience involves intentional violation of the law to achieve a result the law-breakers believe is in the public interest.
PortSaid : Day#4 of Civil Disobedience Here is a follow up for the civil disobedience in Port Said.
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