civil disobedience

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a group's refusal to obey a law because they believe the law is immoral (as in protest against discrimination)

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Nonetheless, to keep in step with my friends in the Syracuse Peace community, in the 1980s I joined a meeting of organizers planning an act of civil disobedience against the nuclear arms buildup at the Seneca Army Depot near Romulus, New York.
While King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference used black churches as operational bases, the civil disobedience tactics came from his adherence to the teaching of Mahatma Ghandi, a Hindu.
The party went on to say that the civil disobedience should result in a "national elected assembly" that has sovereignty over a transitional period.
Not because of civil disobedience, but because neither the proponent nor the City of Toronto wanted the liability of groundwater possibly becoming contaminated.
Aden resident, lawyer and human rights activist Mukhtar Ali told Yemen Times that Aden has been witnessing civil disobedience.
We are in agreement that direct action and civil disobedience detracts from the reality of the housing issues and wave of welfare reforms that we are facing, which will have a great impact on individuals and communities in Wales.
According to Roberta Lexier civil disobedience is typically defined as "a public, non-violent and conscientious breach of law undertaken with the aim of bringing about change in laws or government policies.
PortSaid : Day#4 of Civil Disobedience Here is a follow up for the civil disobedience in Port Said.
The scenario of street protests and civil disobedience toward state institutions, no matter the consequences and with disregard of whether the situation escalates, were announced Tuesday by SDSM leader Branko Crvenkovski following the Monday events in and out of Parliament.
THE debate over civil disobedience as a means of protest is as old as our democracy itself.
The new head of Syria's main opposition group said yesterday the regime is on its last legs, as the death toll in the uprising topped 14,000 amid calls for military defections and civil disobedience.
NICK CLEGG called on Labour leader Ed Miliband to "rein in" Len McCluskey after the union leader called for civil disobedience during the Olympic Games.
UNIONS moved closer to an autumn of strikes as the Government was warned it faces a huge campaign of civil disobedience over spending cuts and "attacks" on workers' rights.
UNION leaders have warned of a mass campaign of civil disobedience to oppose Government cuts.
The statement read: We, the undersigned women and men, state that we are willing to collaborate with the actions of the Civil Disobedience women.
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