civil death

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the legal status of a person who is alive but who has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society

cancellation of civil rights


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143) The common law form of civil death was "attainder"; Lord Coke called the "attainted" offender "civiliter mortuus" (144) (civilly dead) and Blackstone called him "dead in law.
With the exception of excommunication, civil death and its analogues were formally eliminated from European law by the nineteenth century and in many ways formally eliminated from American law in the twentieth.
Gabriel Chin makes a persuasive case that even if individual CCs might not qualify as "punishment," the overall degradation of legal status that conviction now entails--which subjects ex-offenders to the whole panoply of CCs--is a modern iteration of colonial-era "civil death," and like civil death is a "momentous punishment" that the law must acknowledge.
30), who might then achieve a degree of membership in the polity, both civil life and civil death, as well as political inclusion and exclusion, exist less as absolute conditions than as locations on a slippery scale of freedom and unfreedom.
conviction or a part of civil death as used here; however, legal
21) Instead, the primary goal is to show that civil death both
Hedges' civil death also robs her character of its deepest dimensions.
Each factor directly feeds and accelerates the others, creating an ever-widening circle of social disadvantage, poverty, and civil death, touching the lives of tens of millions of US people.
However, short of outright deportation, the most striking representation of civil death in U.
Civil death is an inappropriate response to those deemed to be failed citizens; rather, the most constructive approach is to find ways of promoting civil engagement and responsibility.
Then, too, the signing of this contract is instant civil death to one of the parties.
For my grandfather, separation from service constituted a civil death penalty.
Left unchecked, this ability can potentially lead to tokenism or paternalism, rather than solidarity, ultimately reinforcing only silence, disempowerment, and civil death.
The flashy lifestyle in a country where the twin threats of famine and more civil deaths are looming large have raised concerns among local population about children dreaming of turning into pirates.