civil contempt

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a failure to follow a court order that benefits someone else

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Anvil failed to comply with the court's order, and, after holding a hearing on December 19, 2017, the court held Anvil and Beck in civil contempt.
Part III of this article describes how some creditors, instead of filing police reports against consumers directly, misuse the civil contempt process as a back door into the criminal justice system to have consumers arrested for failing to pay civil debts.
The case described the factors to be considered when determining which cases should be referred to the court for civil contempt, including a parent's ability to pay.
Indeed, the Ninth Circuit in affirming the district court's civil contempt order in Affordable Media expressed tremendous "skepticism" that a "rational person would send millions of dollars overseas and retain absolutely no control over the assets.
Representation (and the Lack Thereof) in Civil Contempt Hearings
16) (The Fifth Circuit did concede [section] 105 could authorize civil contempt orders.
The commitment was ultimately not honored and HPD sought a court finding of civil contempt, penalties, and a sentence of imprisonment.
When resolving applications for assistance pursuant to [section] 1782, or in reviewing decisions to hold a party in civil contempt and to impose compensatory and coercive sanctions, the Court applies an "abuse of discretion" standard.
Bank of China is appealing the civil contempt order and fine.
950(g), Motion for Civil Contempt and/or Return of Child(ren);
He went back to the State court that approved the liquidation plan and got it to hold the lawyers for these shortfall victims in civil contempt and fined.
In April 2013, the district court narrowed its injunction to prohibit only two of the three configurations and also found Lawson in contempt of the modified injunction, ordering Lawson to pay a civil contempt penalty and daily fines until it complied with the revised injunction.
He twice found the state in civil contempt and imposed $21 million in fines.
Lady Justice Macur said: "It is inevitable that the husband is, and will be, rightly subject to the opprobrium of this and the lower courts and law-abiding members of the public generally and may be subjected to criminal prosecution, civil contempt proceedings and/or a costs penalty.
The notice of contempt was issued on the basis of a civil contempt petition filed by the Environment Support Group against the chief secretary earlier.