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Synonyms for civies

civilian garb as opposed to a military uniform

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Men in civies were also on duty at the public gathering to keep an eye on any suspicious persons or activity.
Lurking pitchside in their civies, former City slickers Sean Maguire and Kevin O'Connor were roped into the celebrations too.
Ok lets say that they ban all guns, lets say 0 civies have 0 guns.
The letter writer, who identified himself/herself as "Native Canadian" from Red Deer, took exception to a statement that had been made that the many so-called Europeans who were said to be "walking our streets in civies" were engaged in essential jobs.
Wear your name plate/ID/title on your lab coat, but keep your political buttons for your "civies."
I WRITE in support of the suggestion that "civies" are inappropriate and unhygienic for doctors in hospitals ("NHS bans ties", The Journal, December 18).
I can't share why I had to be in civies - so you will just have to wonder.