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pride in your city


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It is a city without civility or civic spirit or Jews.
A sophisticated metropolis of more than 4 million people--including a strong Latin American community - Atlanta is known for its "can-do" civic spirit.
During his speech before the result, Mr Nesbitt, 54, pledged to instil a new civic spirit among people in Northern Ireland.
Thus the author found necessary the launching of a second research hypothesis which claims the existence of the reverse migration process because of tradition, consolidation of position or civic spirit, or in the authors words: "university professors become involved in politics for the following reasons: a) tradition (mainly observed during the interwar period), b) trend (especially after 1992, when politicians receive chairs in private universities or in extensions of state universities in towns with no university tradition), c) critical spirit put in the service of the problems of the city (in the case of university professors with no political affiliation with consulting functions)" (p.
Parks and Recreation may mock the inanities of American democracy, but in a way that often celebrates the civic spirit underneath.
Prime Minister David Cameron said yesterday: "There's an enormous civic spirit in this country, where people want to take control of things and do things in a different way.
These measures, the caretaker Government Spokesman specified, are part of a new all-inclusive and transparent vision aimed to integrate concerned persons in society by guaranteeing a minimum revenue to each family, in consecration of civic spirit.
The proposed reconfiguration will make the squares more functional and responsive, enhancing their civic spirit and no doubt pleasing the Bouwmeester.
The auto dealers contribution of money is just one of numerous examples, big and small, of Van Nuys' thriving civic spirit.
Cicero and the Roman Civic Spirit in the Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance.
Their heartfelt dedication to the communities and neighbors they care so deeply about is truly inspirational, and exemplify what civic spirit is all about.
A new courthouse instils a much needed civic spirit in the centre of a once fine but now fragmented English town.
The Community Foundation's Civic Spirit Award is presented each year to an outstanding individual or organization whose public service and leadership through philanthropy brings positive change to the Washington region.
The first lesson from the disaster is you can't overestimate the importance of the basics - of continuing to make the investments in people and neighborhoods that make this community a place of competence, civic spirit and sharing.
But it's refreshing to see someone flout this liberal shibboleth, and it's impossible to question the civic spirit with which she does it.