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pride in your city


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But pioneers tend to lack the civic spirit found in other great regions.
Zakoura Foundation for Micro-Credits is a Moroccan based not-for-profit organization aimed at fighting poverty and developing civic spirit through financial and non-financial programmes that specifically target vulnerable populations from both rural and urban areas who do not have access to conventional financial services.
Yet even with these efforts, the pipeline that connects those who want to serve with those who need help remains insufficient; the infrastructure was designed with the civic spirit and processes of an earlier time in mind.
Finally, D'Andrea rejects the idea that increasing Venetian control of the Battuti in the sixteenth century was "a malicious effort to centralize power" and instead asserts that it was "an attempt to return the confraternity to the religious harmony and civic spirit expressed in its own statutes" (146)--a statement that might provoke debate among those interested in the deployment of state power in the early modern period.
He attributed the successful holding of elections to the civic spirit that led Haitians to go to the polls.
Organised locally by thousands of people who care about their environment and want to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with their visitors, it is a sign of a growing civic spirit.
In a testament to the true strength of New York's civic spirit, two nonprofit groups have engaged in a battle over the restoration of the Seventh Regiment Armory, a national historic landmark.
A community-first civic spirit imbued in taken-for-granted places such as Alton Baker Park, gifts from individuals for the greater good.
A GROUP of house detectives in north Warwickshire has helped revive Atherstone's civic spirit, according to the agency which funded major research of the town's old buildings.
The decision to participate is an unusual show of civic spirit for the nets and radio stations, and it reflects growing unrest about crime here.
A sophisticated metropolis of more than 4 million people--including a strong Latin American community - Atlanta is known for its "can-do" civic spirit.
From this encounter between ancient republican texts and Florentine humanist readers who were experiencing the threat of foreign domination, a new civic spirit was born, one that celebrated the connection between political liberty and cultural achievement and that took the defense of both as a central obligation.
He didn't notice that "the poor" or those who spoke for them were active in public life only because they had nowhere else to go and that, the moment they did, civic spirit disappeared along with the megaphones.
The panel earlier recommended that all elementary, junior high and senior high school students should take part in community service to nurture their sense of self-reliance and civic spirit.
Now focused on building and restoring federal courthouses and office buildings in cities nationally, he's been trying to restore the civic spirit of place that drove the creation of New York's Central Park and so many of the grand parks, plazas and public buildings Americans erected in the late 19th century.