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the responsibilities of a citizen

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I told the class that the whole idea of the pledge was to promote civic responsibility, and that if the flag monitor didn't remind me of the need to say the pledge it wouldn't happen.
This exercise did not resolve the critical issue of income protection for those in quarantine but did identify the lack of this protection as a potential impediment to voluntary compliance with quarantine, highlight its importance for further discussion, and force participants to craft appeals to the residents' sense of civic responsibility to mitigate concerns of income loss.
Baltimore showed Crossing Borders, a history of WILPF's early and middle years, as part of a class on "Global Civic Responsibility.
They praised the idea of a National Sanitation Day on the first Saturday of every month and urged all Ghanaians to actively participate in it, calling it a "Christian duty and a civic responsibility.
The aim of the festival was to increase the civic responsibility and the level of environmental culture among children and youth, as well as residents of the city of Bishkek.
His selection as an honoree recognizes his passion and lifelong commitment to charitable giving, civic responsibility and fostering creativity.
Employees of all industries and factories must display a sense of civic responsibility towards tree protection.
At the heart Birmingham Future's philosophy is what can be described as civic responsibility.
Voting is a necessity as well as a patriotic duty dictated by national interests and the spirit of civic responsibility," a Cabinet statement said.
Councillor Kazapua also added at the inauguration that the establishment of a Junior Council on the structure of the City of Windhoek was a deliberate decision aimed at instilling leadership and civic responsibility in the younger generation and that it is also in line with the motto that they have adopted 'Catch them Young'.
Brig Al Harithi called on all segments of the society to assume their civic responsibility
Organizers of this event hoped that it would imbue the youngsters with a sense of civic responsibility and an appreciation for art and creativity.
Dick Batchelor received the OCBA 2013 Liberty Bell Award, presented to an individual or organization that best demonstrates a deep commitment to the rule of law, works to promote civic responsibility, and contributes to good government within the community.
Tory MP Dominic Raab condemned the judge's actions saying: "Jury service is a civic responsibility and not a favour to the courts and public.
So we already have reason to celebrate the community spirit and sense of civic responsibility that exists here.