civic duty

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the responsibilities of a citizen

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In terms of the lost productivity of the county employees who work the polls on Election Day, McCormack said the county gives up much more lost productivity when county employees serve jury duty - a civic duty performed by an inordinate number of government employees.
I too feel like crying, though my tears are for the people with integrity who don't shirk their civic duty, many with families who suffer financial loss and who haven't profited by writing a tasteless ``tell all'' book.
Although voting is everyone's civic duty, it has the potential to become yet one more use of workplace Web connections for personal reasons.
Don't get me wrong, I am all for doing my civic duty, but when in this day and age a family needs two incomes to survive, the money they pay us for jury duty is a joke.
com, McNair reveals that he believes bringing football back to the nation's most "football-rabid" city was his civic duty, and he believes the franchise will help Houston's growth and progress.
IF fulfilling your civic duty isn't enough incentive to respond to your jury summons, perhaps the threat of a $1,500 fine will be.
With a strong sense of civic duty, Dozoretz provides vision and leadership to a number of other organizations.
I take my civic duty as a voter very seriously and I honor the American flag and the country it represents.
To politicians and their money men, this is what passes for the responsible exercise of one's civic duty.
We the voters have been conditioned to think that it is our civic duty to vote, and we do so, even though many of us feel that better candidates would be preferable.
We have to give people a reason to vote - civic duty, selnterest and common sense having failed to motivate them.
who never passed up an opportunity to chase a criminal across Hawaii's sunbathed landscape, Tom Selleck is not shirking his civic duty.
His professional accomplishment and community involvement have supported standards of legal excellence and civic duty that have fostered the firm's growth.
When her citizenship changed to Egypt many years back, she assured she carried over her civic duty prowess to the new homeland.