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the responsibilities of a citizen

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Political mobilization refers to social integration and civic duty, a feeling of obligation and responsibility to be politically active.
The main PR steps were based on messages of civic duty and the societal benefits of paying taxes.
Since we are an active member of our neighborhood watch unit, it's our civic duty to inform you all that one Michael Irvin, aka ``The Playmaker,'' former Dallas Cowboys badboy, official Terrell Owens spokesperson, current ESPN NFL ``employee'' and an ``idiot'' according to Tiki Barber, will be in our fair city for two ``official'' engagements.
Cllr Spencer will retain one civic duty for the coming year, continuing to co-ordinate plans for a permanent memorial to the town's former MP, the late Mo Mowlam, close to the home she owned on Newcomen Terrace.
In the autumn woodlands of western Maryland, slaughtering defenseless wild animals is all but a civic duty for licensed hunters.
The people who create documents as well as those who are featured in them can serve as models of civic behavior--both appropriate and inappropriate--whether they are performing a civic duty or, more specifically, exercising civic responsibility.
Most young people simply don't vote, violating the first commandment of civic duty.
I am a responsible person with a strong sense of civic duty, so I don't feel comfortable with the idea that I am a criminal just by trying to be with the person that I love," she says.
Some people trek out to the polls each November motivated only by a deeply rooted sense of civic duty.
Berry completed his double, and registered his 30th winner of the season, when Civic Duty maintained Declan Gillespie's fine recent record at the track in the older horses' 50-80 handicap over seven furlongs.
Politicians are civic leaders and have a civic duty to participate in Remembrance.
The presidential administrations of the 1920s rejected these arguments and successfully depicted the veterans as a greedy special interest group demanding payment for performing their basic civic duty.
Swain, figuring "I did my civic duty for the day," got in his truck and drove away without giving his name.
Universal values--such as respect, tolerance, family commitment, responsibility, honesty, civic duty and fairness--"cannot be covered in 10 minutes a day.