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g the SARS CoV, which jumped from bats to civet cats and then to humans.
SARS, which first jumped to humans from civet cats in China, hit more than 30 countries worldwide after spreading from Hong Kong.
And civet cats are highly prized for their seed-filled droppings, since that cat's scat makes some very pricey coffee.
And, the article continues, "Justifying the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams' case for permission to possess the civet cats as part of the temple paraphernalia such as elephants, horses, oxen etc, and [sic] the representation cited the practice of using fallen peacock feathers in temples for rituals.
Dannenfeldt, 'Europe Discovers Civet Cats and Civet', Journal of the History of Biology, 18:3 (1985): 404-5.
Locals pick the 'coffee beans' from the faeces of Asian civet cats, which eat the ripe coffee berries as part of their diet.
It reminded me of the SARS outbreak in 2002-03, which may or may not have originated from the practice of eating civet cats.
Christmas cakes are very popular in the Philippines, of all places, and are often traditionally flavoured with ambergris, the scented excretion of sperm whales, commonly used in perfume-making, or perhaps more remarkably, the musk of civet cats.
Only later, between 3000 and 4000 years ago, did domestic pigs arrive with a range of other wild species including porcupines, civet cats and long-tailed macaques--a process of real-world terra-forming if you like.
Civet is a secretion from civet cats and there are allegations they are tormented to increase the secretions they produce.
Said to be the world's rarest coffee, it's brewed from beans handpicked from the droppings of civet cats, small.
The recent emergence and transmission to humans of SARS CoV from civet cats and deadly avian influenza clearly demonstrate that emerging zoonotic viral diseases are a serious public health problem that needs to be understood fully.
virus carried say by civet cats from animal to human
Another example is severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus in humans, in which the primary transmission event is believed to be the result of close human contact with civet cats in China.
4THE brew comes from the seed of a cherry which grows on the coffee tree and is popular with civet cats.