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occurring or extending throughout a city

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For Citywide Appliance Repair, that means it's vital to boost its Web visibility and performance on search engine results pages.
Demonstrating a continuing trend of brisk sales activity, citywide apartment sales volume increased year on year by 65 percent.
The Citywide Education Organizing Campaign was convened by TARGET Area DevCorp and 12 partner organizations around a strategic Citywide Learning & Action Initiative to engage Chicago-area parents in advocacy and action aimed at addressing their key concerns regarding the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) experience.
The 6,800 households that have been recycling since last summer have proven to me and many others who have been monitoring this effort that we are ready to recycle in Wilmington and will produce even better results with a citywide program.
Paul Vernon said the department has been able to suppress violent crime citywide by placing officers in high-crime areas.
The EHLT will continue with a citywide workshop in April.
Citywide wireless access should also be an attractive incentive for the estimated 6 million tourists who visit Philadelphia annually.
On Wednesday, Councilor Pat Farr proposed a motion to place the citywide voting question on the November ballot.
Our customers trust us with valuable personal information, and we take the privacy of that data very seriously," said John Ruzicka, Chief Information Officer for Citywide Banks.
Responding to Mayor Bloomberg's keen interest in design excellence, Alex's oversight will be of critical importance as we examine major initiatives citywide, including Coney Island, Moynihan Station, Queens West South and the Eastern and Western Rail Yards on Manhattan's West Side," added Burden.
Valley business leaders sit on prominent citywide commissions.
Beginning this summer, the city's public works staff and the ACC will begin a citywide campaign to educate residents about the benefits of curbside recycling.
The Gang of 9 must overcome several challenges before it can bring a proposal for citywide elections to Eugene's ballot next spring, including suspicions about the gang's motives.
For one weekend, West Hollywood is turning into a citywide estate sale and will help you promote your sale by listing the location and time on the City's website
Then, in December 2006, the City Council adopted a bill that dramatically reduced the tax exemption benefits available citywide.