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Synonyms for city-bred

being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person

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Ada is a city-bred young woman enduring wartime want in a rural village.
Out of love for her husband, Azra moves to the village; but it does not take the city-bred girl long to grow tired of country life.
Whether the story is about the pleasures of childhood, the need for reform, or the validity of spiritual values, it is the village setting to which the city-bred and city-educated authors turn.
Prakash Ahuja, CEO of Gameshastra, said, "A typical Indian Gamer is a city-bred youth who has no idea about traditional Indian Games.
For all city-bred Emiratis who have moved some distance away from their roots ("people are lost in their urban routines"), Al Marzouqi has this advice: "If they truly want to be closer to their roots, they must spend time in the desert, tend to camels and watch the harmony with which camels, horses and sheep live here.
Unlike his debut film "Kumki", Vikram Prabhu will be seen in the character of a city-bred youth.
To my city-bred Midwestern eyes, natural beauty meant green deciduous trees, a body of water somewhere in the vicinity, and, ideally, an orderly arrangement of blooming flowers.
In another story, "Rapists," two city-bred girls on a holiday are despoiled and videotaped by their rich, upper-class "friends" while they thought the woodcutters clearing the jungle paths intended to rape them.
Unlike his character in his debut film "Kumki", Vikram plays a city-bred youth in his upcoming project.
He added that it wasn't easy convincing Ishaqzaade director Habib Faisal to believe that a city-bred youngster, such as him, could play a gun-toting, potty-mouthed small-town role.
In the film, Pathak plays Vidhyadhar, a small-town orthodox man from Benaras while Dhupia plays Mahek Malvade, a city-bred back-up dancer who's a survivor.
And, as we experienced those last few minutes in the tranquillity of the majestic Sunderbans, I EoAC" a city-bred girl EoAC" vowed to return one day.