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being or having the customs or manners or dress of a city person

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When a city-bred journalist heads to small-town Illinois for a story, her one-day visit turns into a much longer stay with the toss of a coin when Academy AwardA and Golden Globe winner Ernest Borgnine, Academy Award and Golden Globe nominee Sally Kellerman and Jordan Ladd ("Death Proof") star in "The Wishing Well," a Hallmark Channel Original Movie premiering Saturday, January 9 (9p.
I spend little time in my palatial suite, the scale of this exposed brick room being daunting to the city-bred like myself.
Mike Gahan, managing partner at Harris Cooper Walsh, said: "We are bucking the trend by recruiting specialists with City-bred experience.
City-bred Laura had given up all hope of getting married, until she met Henry McAllan.
A young newlywed once asked my mother if she would teach his city-bred wife how to make good gravy.
To that end, park officials don't worry about upsetting the delicate city-bred sensibilities of its visitors.
Ada is a city-bred young woman enduring wartime want in a rural village.
Out of love for her husband, Azra moves to the village; but it does not take the city-bred girl long to grow tired of country life.
I drove back home to Hanover, New Hampshire, and spent the next summer nearby as the solo camp nurse responsible for the health of about 120 noisy, allergy-plagued and accident-prone city-bred boys.
The national chains don't understand how to operate without wide aisles and 10 checkouts," one New York City-bred executive said at the time.
Whether the story is about the pleasures of childhood, the need for reform, or the validity of spiritual values, it is the village setting to which the city-bred and city-educated authors turn.
In fact, it would be easy to mistake Clara Velde of A Theft for one of Bellow's male, Jewish, city-bred heroes, possessed of the unmistakable voice that Gabriel Josipovici has described as the utmost formality mixed with the utmost desperation.
Prakash Ahuja, CEO of Gameshastra, said, "A typical Indian Gamer is a city-bred youth who has no idea about traditional Indian Games.
That is why egg freezing is catching on with most city-bred women these days.
He noted that, apart from the age limit, the show is open to everyone: rich or poor, city-bred or from the provinces-and whatever the sexual orientation.