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an urban university in a large city

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Macaulay Honors College of The City University of New York when the board meets.
Dear Editor, Your report last week may give the impression that Birmingham City University made an overnight decision to build a new campus and abandon its former neighbours to their fate.
Sir David Howard, Chair of Council, The City University says: "The City University is a world-class institution and as such has to attract the very best to lead it.
Clients include: Furman University, University of Richmond, Oklahoma City University, Mercer University-School of Law, Saint Joseph's University Indiana, Kansas City Art Institute, Northern Michigan University, Harvard Medical School.
Raj still works with Birmingham City University and helps to deliver training on equality and diversity in courses aligned to the field of learning disability.
Now that this agreement is enacted, students at Changchun University will spend their first year in China where they will take their first year of classes and will transfer to VEaFS where they will spend three years studying a variety of business practices and earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from City University of Seattle, and a business degree from Changchun University.
Dr Howard Solomons, the former City University lecturer, has died.
New Jersey Future, a statewide research and policy group, awarded KSS Architects the Smart Growth Award for their Community-University Partnership with New Jersey City University.
Oklahoma City University presented him with the Living Treasure in American Dance Award.
Instead, the federal government plans to sell the island to the City and State of New York, allowing for the expansion of the City University of New York.
In the mid 1970s I was denied the right to teach a course at the City University of New York Graduate School on the general topic of the history of human sexuality; the subject was not a legitimate one for scholarly inquiry, I was told, and students would not sign up for such a course.
This is the most exciting specimensince Lucy," says Eric Delson of the City University of New York.
City University of Seattle and the Seattle Seahawks launched the 2010 Seahawks Undergrad Scholarship yesterday at Qwest Field at the Seahawks first regular season game.
3RDJUNE Evening 18:00 hrs Joint reception with the Borsa di Milano, facilitating introductions with brand-led quoted companies, start-up entrepreneurs and high growth design-led businesses 18:00 Welcome and Introductions: Beverley Nielsen, Director Corporate Affairs, Birmingham City University 18:10 James Plant Design, Next Generation Designs for Birmingham 18:20 The importance of the Birmingham and Milan Sister City relationship, Birmingham City Councillor, to be confirmed 18:30 Consigliere di Milano and British Council business meetings 18:40 Reception with Borsa di Milano Networking reception with light refreshments till 20:00 4th June Milan Reception, Urban Centre 10-12.
GAMING industry professionals and students will be heading to Birmingham City University next month to make a new computer game - in just one weekend.