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determining and drawing up plans for the future physical arrangement and condition of a community

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This year's PiPS events will also focus on three significant City Planning initiatives: Feeling Congested, the consultation on reducing congestion and improving public transit in the City of Toronto; ResetTO, a plan to introduce a development permit system to streamline and provide certainty in the planning process; and Growing Conversations, an engagement initiative where planners are asking Torontonians how the City can improve public consultation as part of the planning process.
The nation's city planning directors see the need for jobs and to redevelop and build new cities and regions to accommodate a U.
But both the developer and council officials are in for a rocky ride over the tower, which breaches two sets of city planning guidelines - the tall buildings policy and Digbeth conservation area guidance.
Carolyn Berlin, 60, served on the city Planning Board for nine years until 2003, while Phil Berlin, 63, served on the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport commission from 1995 to 2001.
If indeed they can be traced back this far, may we not adduce this to a condition of all city planning, though some may well emerge that differentiate the possibilities of city planning from architecture.
In the past few years, the history of city planning has received considerable attention in the publishing world.
The Helsinki City Planning Department is responsible for the city's structural and aesthetic development, town planning, as well as the planning and control of traffic.
More informed elected and appointed officials, legislators, planning commissioners and citizens are needed to participate in the city planning process.
Alex Garvin was NYC2012's Managing Director for Planning, Design, & Development and a New York City Planning Commissioner from 1995-2004.
My hat's off to the city planning staff for maintaining high standards.
Though the competition was theoretical, city planning officials are holding discussions with the finalists about realizing some of their ideas.
The Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) today voted to transmit to the Department of City Planning a new alternative for analysis and incorporation into the Van Nuys Airport (VNY) Master Plan.
It is a comprehensive plan that strengthens each region while retaining each neighborhood's individual character," stated Amanda Burden, New York City's Chair of the City Planning Commission and Director of the Department of City Planning, before the June meeting of BOMA/NY.
Conference of Mayors, American City Planning Directors' Council, American City Quality Foundation, Urban Land Institute, National Building Museum, and Partners for Livable Communities, the city quality month's theme for this year is "Planning and Action for Quality Communities.
We don't believe Waste Management and City Planning - they haven't been real helpful - so everybody is saying we need to get someone to help,'' said Sun Valley resident Ellen Mackey.