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Patrick's Day 2004 - 10 years after becoming city manager.
Measure opponents argued that council supervision threatened Eugene's long-standing strong city manager form of government.
I sort of think city manager years are like dog years.
As a result, they say the grade scores each councilor is required to give the city manager have become superficial.
In Santa Clarita, the city manager serves at the pleasure of the City Council and can be fired at any time by a majority vote of the council members, except during the 90 days after a municipal election.
2 person since January 2011 when former Assistant City Manager Julie Jacobson stepped down to become town manager in Auburn.
It's a very fair contract,'' said Pulskamp, who served as assistant city manager for 14 years.
That's not only in Worcester, it's the case with city managers across the country, as the average tenure for city managers nationwide is roughly five years.
I've concluded this is not a prudent time to lose the greatest city manager in California,'' Roberts said Friday.
Hoover, for instance, came to Worcester after serving as city manager of Toledo, Ohio, for 3-1/2 years.
George has been a phenomenal city manager,'' said Councilman Bob Kellar.
Loa said the question of whether Toone will continue as city manager is particularly important to business people and the city's management staff.
She is probably one of the more dynamic and effective city managers in the state and has a strong reputation in California.
Toone is the lowest paid of the north Los Angeles County city managers.
The pay hike will reduce, but not eliminate, the gap between Toone's pay and that of city managers in Lancaster and Santa Clarita.