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the limits of the area occupied by a city or town

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All traffic sector in-charges, traffic education unit and traffic wardens will guide the drivers of motorcycle rickshaws about ban imposed by district government till January 28, 2016 on entry of such type of three-wheelers in city limits.
The Prairie Road headquarters and plywood mill lie just outside city limits, but within Eugene's urban growth boundary.
Of course, lovers of San Antonio staples like mangonadas and rainbow raspas will always be able to get their fix at Chamoy City Limits.
On the notices was a fee increase--raising the base rate for garbage and recycling pickup in the old city limits from $115.
When renowned investigative reporter Tom Robbins, a City Limits editor in the early 1980s, caught sight of the riot scene in Fort Apache, the Bronx as it played on my PC, he pointed to the screen and said, "Hey, I think I'm this shot somewhere.
Engaging with themes that include architecture, art, historiography, literature, music, protest, and tourism, the authors contributing to City Limits fundamentally strive to reveal the lived experiences of European cities during a distinct phase of Europe's past.
In this regard, City Limits would be an excellent addition to the collection of any urban scholar, whatever the field.
In a recent update to mapAsheville, the city's online user-accessible mapping and GIS service, the City of Asheville added a new application that displays ownership of all roads and corridors within the city limits so residents can find out who maintains their street.
This CD, the latest in our 12-disc Legends Collection, features classic numbers including River Deep Mountain High, Nutbush City Limits, Living For The City and Get Back.
Many of the complaints came from residents who had lived within city limits for several years and recently moved to newly developed unincorporated areas such as Tesoro del Valle, Plum Canyon and Fair Oaks.
In an attempt to reduce the incidence of heart attacks and other smoking-related illnesses, Pueblo introduced a ban 1 July 2003 on smoking in all indoor public areas within the city limits.
The department's small Fugitive Apprehension Unit could not reduce the number of warrants with its normal service process partly because almost half of the fugitives lived beyond the city limits.
City Limits serves as a good companion piece to Nicolaides, as he focuses on the African American community that was literally next door to South Gate, asking many of the same questions about its group identity, community institutions, family economies, and aspirations for homeownership.
Chicago City Limits, New York's longest-running comedy revue, has moved its general and executive offices from 1105 First Avenue to 250 West 57th Street, a W&H property.
And Hugman's somewhat dandified vision stood in marked contrast to the river's temperament outside city limits, where cattle ranching formed the main economic activity.