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the limits of the area occupied by a city or town

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Money raised by the special fee would be used to buy land both inside and outside city limits to ensure that some open space is preserved from bulldozers clearing the land around Santa Clarita for development, Ortiz said.
Attendees, who had first completed a Clickin(R) survey about their perceptions of Austin City Limits, received a text message on their cell phones.
Within the city limits, a decline in gang murders accounts for most of the homicide reduction.
The city's service area for electric service is comprised mostly of its city limits with only a limited number of new lakeside residential subdivisions served by the city.
In Palmdale, six deputies and two sergeants on off-road motorcycles now patrol inside city limits, mostly on weekends.
7 /PRNewswire/ -- Billboard Books is celebrating the extraordinary quarter-century anniversary of the longest running music showcase in television history with a new book entitled Austin City Limits 25 Years of American Music.
The gas utility serves all city residents plus a few areas immediately outside the city limits, with 94% of the customer base residential.
The brochure states that the Santa Clarita Valley sheriff's station is staffed by more than 140 sheriff's deputies who serve the unincorporated residents and those who live within the city limits.
announced today that its flagship brand, Fritos, is "going country" by launching a multi-million dollar marketing program that includes the exclusive sponsorship of a national concert series with superstar Reba McEntire and the brand serving as the sole corporate underwriter of the PBS-TV show "Austin City Limits.
In the last year Boulder has discussed annexation as the means to reduce these costs and that process cannot be circumvented by attempting to serve our customers outside of the city limits," said David Eves, President and CEO Public Service Company of Colorado (an Xcel Energy Company).
Today's CD, the latest in our 12-disc Legends Collection, features classic numbers including River Deep Mountain High, Nutbush City Limits, Living For The City and Get Back.
Now the council wants to add another cost to some businesses, telling them how to run their operations simply because they are located within city limits.
The teen, who carried no identification, then went to all establishments within city limits that sold alcohol.