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an important municipal official

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That was nearly 200 years ago but, if the purpose of leaving this half-finished edifice towering above Princes Street was to serve as a lesson in the stupidity of man and in particular that of Edinburgh's city fathers, it appears not to have trickled down the ages.
THE fatuous protestation parade, led by the laughable city fathers, leads me to despair.
ISLAMABAD, August 23, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The Saidpur Model Village, developed by the Capital Development Authority spending millions of rupees to preserve history and culture of the area, may be an attraction for many but it cost heavy for a widow, losing her property in hand of city fathers and facing their highhandedness.
Fayetteville city fathers are starting to lose faith that a big hole on the corner of Mountain Street and College Avenue will ever become a Renaissance Tower Hotel.
As a fledgling, the city had to feel its way blindly for awhile, but the city fathers were a gutsy bunch, who proved they were willing to take on tough objectives to succeed.
The piper's music cleansed the town of rats in medieval times but when city fathers refused to pay him he repeated the trick with their children.
This spectacular climax to Dalmann Quay owes more to a private developer, Genius Loci, than Hamburg's city fathers, who managed to delay construction by insisting on taking control.
They were people of liberal views on the whole, firm believers in learning and localism, and in these beliefs they were not so different from their homologues elsewhere in Europe, whether the Honoratioren of the German hometowns or the Dissenting city fathers of the English Midlands.
I am surprised that the city fathers don't take advantage of that relationship.
Dayton's city fathers, sensing an opportunity to put their town on the map, quickly recruited Scopes, who believed in evolution, and in his right to teach it.
Our City Fathers promote Birmingham as forward-looking, we have the Bullring centre which draws huge numbers of people so why not use the wheel to draw more visitors?
DUBLIN'S city fathers have launched an urgent SOS - Save Our Statues.
Jerusalem rebuilt as a city that brings about connectivity" is a very rough translation of Psalm 122,3 - but it could be coming true, as modern-day city fathers prepare Jerusalem to become the first city in the world to enable full wireless connectivity to the Internet.
Any chance of getting the city fathers to think again?
Bauman suggests that the city fathers knew about Vermigli's political views, and that his defense of a republican government would help create a clergy loyal to their authority.