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an important municipal official

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The city fathers kept the Glendale name when the city was incorporated.
Cardiff City of Culture - this must be a joke and will never happen until the city fathers start doing their job properly.
But the emergency services and Sydney's city fathers agreed an exception should be made to see in 2002.
IT CLEARLY doesn't matter to our city fathers that the thousands of residents whose homes adjoin The Strand, along with all the various local businesses next to this arterial route into the city, were unable to access their homes or workplaces between 9.
I suggest our city fathers take a trip to Lille and see the great open space of the Plas de la Republic with its small Greek theatre and marble entrance to Lille's superb underground system, or to Lyon, withits vast square dotted withfountains, and come back and do likewise.
We must now appeal to our city fathers to consider the suggestion and see to it that Colin Jackson gets the same recognition for himself as he has given to us.
But the city fathers are now looking at plans put forward by the Dracula Organisation to found the museum in the proposed arts centre in James Joyce Street.
The refurbished Aston Hall is a credit to the city fathers.
Back home, the personal magnetism with which he convinced the city fathers that the project was feasible vanished when he left San Pedro.
The city fathers concluded that they wanted to limit automobile access to the downtown core in favour of the mass transit system.
Why could the city fathers not have seen that it would have been more suitable to have the square covered in a tasteful dark green?
Indeed,as the city fathers seem intent on charging some of the highest business rates in the country I would have thought that they would wish to encourage such usage.
I also believe that our city fathers should experiment more with roundabouts instead of traffic lights.
Given at first the modest requirements of present day audiences - access for the disabled and a loop system for the hard of hearing - surely the Coventry Theatre offers a solution to the problem which the City Fathers should not overlook.
Moments earlier Ferguson, sipping champagne at a Manchester hotel with city fathers, had learned he is to be given the freedom of the city.