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the newspaper editor in charge of editing local news

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The city editors surveyed said they compliment reporters for good work, try to be sensitive about their reporters' feelings, insist that editing changes are explained and rarely, if ever, directly criticize reporters or tell them what to do.
But the survey found that city editors regularly exclude reporters from decision-making and do not often seek their input.
City editors have simply vanished on many newspapers.
Underwood was one of seven city editors for whom I worked as a photographer for 24 years.
After Fetter's stormy resignation, Managing Editor Campbell rotated city editors.
Asner made city editor Grant both tough and compassionate, a blend many journalists still cite as a model.
Nearly half of the city editors in states with shield laws said that even casual reminders about the laws had prevented the issuance of some subpoenas.
It is also interesting to note that city editors from states with shield laws placed a much higher value on the laws as tools for encouraging investigative reporting than did their counterparts in states without shield laws.
Three out of four of the city editors polled in shield law states regarded the laws as "important" or "very important," compared with fewer than half the editors from non-shield law states.
City editors bestrode the newsroom with the supremacy of Zeus and the swagger of Civil War generals.
For all their pitiless bluster, old-line city editors were leaders and teachers, immovably loyal and unforgettably inspiring, and consumed constantly with mad, delirious pursuit of the latest three-alarm news story.
City editors tend to be more responsible today but less colorful.
So the night city editor calls the reporter at home for the answer.
So the news editor goes back to the night city editor who handled the story and asks the question.
Later, when I was a night city editor, I made those calls.