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a municipal body that can pass ordinances and appropriate funds etc

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Mirgorod City Council, 37600, mirgorod, Independence str.
The City Council approved a first ordinance in November, requiring hotels near LAX to increase workers' pay to $9.
Last May, just two weeks after the special election in Inglewood, the Chicago City Council met to discuss proposed zoning changes that would allow the construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter on the South Side and another on the West Side.
If Murray City chooses to continue to open its city council meetings with prayer, it must strictly adhere to the neutrality requirements .
Mary Long-Irwin, president of the Thunder Bay Chamber of Commerce, says the chamber has been "concerned about the overall direction of city council over the past 16 months.
3] The sources include city council protocols, internal memos, correspondence, financial accounts recording the construction and maintenance of the house, investigations into corrupti on and abuse, and last but not least the letters of four inmates, three female and one male, to the city council requesting to be freed, which give rare voice to the objects of discipline.
Last year, the legislature and City Council agreed to a 2.
Fairfield City Council manages everything from roads, buildings and vehicles to playgrounds, reserves and creeks," said Nick Lalich, Mayor of Fairfield City.
Since term limits were approved in 1993, only one incumbent has been ousted from the City Council, and races have been competitive only when a member terms out after eight years.
The Detroit City Council should have known what it was paying for when it hired Anderson at the end of 2003 to create an economic development plan for Detroit.
He cited the Building Congress for its vital role in reviewing the details of the administration's proposal with the City Council and suggesting ways to strengthen them.
The Council initiative marks the first time in NFTE's history where an entire City Council embraced the concept of bringing the curriculum into every City district.
But Jason Lyon with the Not PropR committee said his group's message was overpowered by a wealthy campaign that raised more than $900,000 from developers and companies that do business with the city, and was able to send out mailers that suggested that the measure would enact term limits to ``prevent City Council members from serving for life.
Recently, both the New York State legislature enacted new legislation and the New York City Council passed a new measure which provide for deregulation of high rent housing accommodations.
The City Council meeting will be followed by a press conference on the steps of City Hall at noon, conducted by Council Member Barron and attended by the Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison attorneys representing Ms.
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