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a municipal body that can pass ordinances and appropriate funds etc

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Last May, just two weeks after the special election in Inglewood, the Chicago City Council met to discuss proposed zoning changes that would allow the construction of a Wal-Mart Supercenter on the South Side and another on the West Side.
The City Council gave us no choice but this action," hotels spokesman Harvey Englander said of the lawsuit.
Korosten City Council, 11500, Korosten, Grushevskogo str.
If Murray City chooses to continue to open its city council meetings with prayer, it must strictly adhere to the neutrality requirements .
The chamber's relationship with city council is "less than good, and the business community does not feel it is being heard," Long-Irwin says.
By aggressively promoting religious activities in the house, the city council strove not only to expand its control over inmates, but also to assert its power in the religious arena over other civic institutions.
Delgadillo echoed those concerns and warned the City Council there were legal flaws in the measure that could leave the city vulnerable to lawsuits.
Some 3,000 members of the design and construction industry, chanting "jobs now" slogans, thronged City Hall Park in and urged the City Council to approve the planned development in Manhattan's Upper West Side.
CommerceWorks is also including QUOVADX technology into a solution under development for Sheffield City Council that will allow the local education authorities to meet performance-reporting guidelines.
A Finance official has therefore raised the assessments of 404 buildings in their 11th year of the current 12-year program on the assistant's advice and in anticipation of the City Council measure being passed and signed by the mayor in time for the July property tax bills.
City Council Spokeswoman Peg Breen said the Council is staying with its proposal from March which calls for $300 million in additional property taxes including $130 million for the Safe City Safe Streets cop tax.
Los Angeles voters will know by Friday afternoon whether a measure that would give City Council members an extra term and add new ethics rules will be on the Nov.
today said they will pursue state and federal actions against the City of Pleasant Hill, as well as several individual members of the Pleasant Hill City Council, for illegal actions they took at recent Council meetings regarding Crestwood's permit to operate a mental health rehabilitation center in the city.
Under current city law, City Council members are limited to two, four-year terms in office.
Hundreds of area residents, civic leaders, union officials, business owners and construction workers went to City Hall in July to urge the commission to support The Village, and appeared before the City Council committee yesterday to urge the committee to approve The Village and recommend that the 15-member City Council approve it as well.
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