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a rectangular area in a city surrounded by streets and usually containing several buildings


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Earlier, the Commissioner Larkana also took a round of CMC Hospital, City Block and Children hospital and reviewed arrangements made for patients suffering from various diseases.
One City Block encompasses a full city block bounded by East 19th Avenue to the north, Pennsylvania Street to the east, East 18th Avenue to the south and Logan Street to the west in downtown Denver s Uptown neighborhood.
The goal is to "create an aggregation of building owners so that they can together accomplish more than they could ever accomplish own their own," said Llewellyn Wells, president and founder of Living City Block.
Offices are arranged at the back (in two and a half stories) where the traditional courts of a city block would be.
Located on a full city block at 1395 Brickell Avenue, the building's Class A office space will house the headquarters for Espirito Santo Bank of Florida.
The former Wells Fargo Bank building takes up an entire city block and is situated near the Keller Auditorium and Newmark Theatre, where the company holds its season performances.
You couldn't ask a judge for permission to wiretap a city block.
The three city block site is adjacent to the Belorouskii train station, one of the major transportation hubs for the city.
The 22 parcels make up close to a city block of space, depending on how a city block is defined.
The project site is unique in that it is bound by three streets and an alley, essentially creating a stand-alone city block, allowing us to maximize light, air and views as well as providing access on all sides,'' C.
The historic Apple Bank Building, set on its own trapezoid-shaped city block in the heart of the Upper West Side, has undergone a complete renovation into 29 unique residences, announced Michele Conte, a senior vice president, managing director of Brown Harris Stevens On Site Marketing and Sales LLC, the exclusive selling agent for the condominiums.
Thus it has been known to host events such as neighborhood fashion shows (member artists clothed and made up by their colleagues walked up and down a chosen city block, lined with multifunctional furniture designed by group architects), auctions of forged paintings, and even an orgy.
Occupying an entire city block and dominated by a cluster of twelve monumental metal silos, EI Aguila dates from 1912, when its offices, malthouse, brewery and cellar were erected, built of brick in the Neo-Mudejar (Moorish) style.
The size of a city block, the basilical building is noteworthy for its many mosaics--the floor in every room was patterned with naturally colored stones.