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a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings

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Cambises, for instance, demonstrates the instrumental proficiency of the London players' itinerant predecessors: 'On Lute and Cittern there to play a heavenly harmony'; (56) whilst another play from the same period, Common Conditions, releases Players Three and Six for a musical entry.
There are fiddlers, mandolins, penny whistles, Irish pipes, bazoukis, guitars, citterns, banjos, concertinas and enough spoon players to equip a decent-sized kitchen.
451) describe the recovery and reconstruction of two citterns from a seventeenth-century Dutch shipwreck, Simon O'Dwyer (p.
He was doing some session work for Bruce Springsteen and he took along one of my citterns with him.
Children dressed in white, representing the angels, surround him, one striking the cymbals, others playing flutes or citterns in a scene of joyful and inexpressible beauty.
They were called citterns so my new instrument became the first modern cittern.