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a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings

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The concert features Patrick Ball performing the Celtic harp and spoken word; Lisa Lynne on the Celtic harp, Irish bouzouki and mandolin; and Aryeh Frankfurter on Celtic harp, cittern and nyckelharpa.
Cambises, for instance, demonstrates the instrumental proficiency of the London players' itinerant predecessors: 'On Lute and Cittern there to play a heavenly harmony'; (56) whilst another play from the same period, Common Conditions, releases Players Three and Six for a musical entry.
Instruments with similar names but dissimilar origins, most notably the wire-strung cittern common in England and North America called the "English guitar," are not included here.
The band will consist of Richard Bennett on guitar, Guy Fletcher on keyboards, Jim Cox on piano, John McCusker on violin and cittern, Mike McGoldrick on flute, whistle and pipes, Glenn Worf on bass and Ian Thomas on drums.
These are people absorbed in their art, like Belfast-born Cardwell himself, who sings and plays Uilleann pipes, cittern, guitar and whistles with the Backroom Band.
An illustration of King David carrying a harp and cittern in the Utrecht psalter, which was illustrated in the ninth century in France, is the earliest known representation of a harp in manuscript art.
Sadly none of his jigs survive although music parts for a cittern (a small wire-strung banjo-like instrument), recorder and bass viol for a Tarltons Jigge are preserved in manuscript in Cambridge University Library, which suggests that accompaniments could be rich and varied.
His stock of instrumental music would have included keyboard works (overtures, sonatas, exercises, song medleys, dances) and repertoire for flute, violin, guittar (a cittern, or modest fretted instrument like a mandolin), fife, or other popular melodic instruments.
The concert will end with Heila's "Cittern Suite," a cycle of fiddle-inspired songs for cittern, a member of the mandolin family, performed by Heila.
The big band steamed through infectious hits such as El Agua De La Vida and Correla, with a three-piece horns section, cittern and banjo complementing one another seamlessly.
The fiddle is the core instrument featured, but Economy class draws upon a wide variety of acoustic instruments from the mandolin and cittern to a Finnish bagpipe, a jaw harp, and even a dobro.
Her sixth solo studio outing, it's a pleasure from the first cittern sounds of Awkward Annie to the dying notes of bonus track, The Village Green Preservation Society, penned by Ray Davies and recorded for BBCTV's Jam and Jerusalem.
Executed in the second half of the sixteenth century, the doll possesses an internal mechanism that enables it to play a tiny cittern and to move in time with the music.
The "green-men, and glee-maidens" sing, accompanied by "a prelude of pipe, cittern, and viol, touched with practised minstrelsy" (9:57-58), and "minstrels" and "wandering players, whose theatres had been the halls of noblemen" (9:59) are included among his Merry Mount refugees, "who sang ballads and told tales" (9:61).