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Try this crisp, citrusy style that's competitively priced for a such trendy grape.
It is soft and fruity, and goes well with the meat its citrusy complements,' he said.
So citrusy, I love that aspect, it's like it's brewed with orange rind," said Mark Tambascio, owner of the My Place beer bar.
com) has a citrusy, tropical character with lime and grapefruit leading to agave, pepper and a grassy, soft finish.
A citrusy splash of fresh lemon and grapefruit gives an instant wake-up call.
2Nothing like a citrusy flavour to add some energy to a stew or pilaf.
The citrusy hops make the tartar sauce pop," Pederson says.
Muscat grapes infused with orange blossom is the flavor of summer, and Pavan, named after the mating dance of the peacock, is the perfect base for citrusy, thirst-quenching cocktails to be enjoyed poolside or post-Pride parade.
Taste everything from single hop to dry hop to fresh hop, to bitter and citrusy and piney and sticky brews with names like Boneyard Notorius, Russian River Pliny and Green Flash Palate Wrecker.
Marketing manager Obaid Siddiqui, while testing the perfume on a guest, explained: "This dignified fragrance opens on a citrusy top note of mandarin and lemon with a hint of spicy cardamom that finally intensifies on the woodiness of sandalwood and strong concentrates of pure oud oils.
Pinot Grigio is the lightest in the collection, using a bit of lemon zest to impart a hint of citrus to the salame, along with green peppercorns to draw more attention to the natural citrusy flavor profile of the wine.
Melvita Orange (100ml), Very Hollywood Michael Kors Sparkling eau de toilette (50ml), pounds 42 Orange certainly lots of citrusy, and Christmas.
Beat a raw egg white into a citrusy cocktail and you get a meringue-like effect, frothy and delicious.
We're getting all zesty and citrusy this week - so we have some great little fresh products for you to indulge in.
Rich gold in color, this moderately strong ale has a citrus-accented nose plentiful in sweet floral notes and a flavor that, while it may lean a bit heavily on the bitter side, offers an appetizing mix of piney, citrusy notes and sweetish honey maltiness.