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any of numerous fruits of the genus Citrus having thick rind and juicy pulp

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These measures are envisaged in the Action Plan on the implementation of the State Program on Citrus Fruit Development for 2018-2025.
In the late 18th century it was discovered citrus fruits could prevent and cure scurvy due to their high levels of Vitamin C and there was a surge in demand.
Weeds grown in citrus fruit gardens must be buried in land with the help of rotavator machine as it does not let the land to get much warm and ultimately helps in protecting the roots from decay, they said.
Keywords: Citrus fruit, Climate effect, ARDL model, hybrid seeds, planting.
Pakistan produced Kino 80% more than other Citrus fruit and application of modern techniques at all stages of growth and during the post-harvest phase could not only add value to the fruit to attract premium price but also increase export volume to fetch much needed foreign exchange to the country.
Bacterial transfer from the surface of the citrus fruit samples to the edible portion and gloved hands occurred, although the majority of Salmonella remained on the fruit peel.
0 million tons of fruits and vegetables annually, of which Citrus fruit is ranked 1 st in terms of production followed by mango, dates and guava.
This work for general readers explores the history and culture surrounding the cultivation of citrus fruit in Italy.
These results concluded that the Citrus fruit extracts can be utilized for large scale synthesis of cost-effective nanoparticles which may have compatibility for biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.
The Land Where Lemons Grow: The Story of Italy and its Citrus Fruit is a recommendation for any who enjoy cooking essays and travelogues alike, and follows the author's journey to explore the use and meaning of citrus in Italian lives.
However, the recent implications of the proposed citrus fruit ban owing to Citrus Black Spot from South African suppliers has put the industry into a state of flux.
So far, the EC had given priority to the compensation of other goods exported to Russia primarily from Poland, Bulgaria, Romani and Greece and citrus fruit were excluded from the initial list.
It's clear from Attlee's tales that citrus fruit enrich Italian history the way that the juice of sour oranges flavours a tortoise pie (recipe included): the citrus groves of Sicily are still sometimes called 'paradisi', in a nod to their Islamic origins (and some are still irrigated using ninth-century Arabic systems), and a 12th- century rebellion in Piedmont is annually celebrated in the Battle of the Oranges.
During 2011-2012 season high aphid populations and severe expression of CTV were observed in different citrus fruit crop areas.