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an amino acid that does not occur in proteins but is an intermediate in the conversion of ornithine to arginine

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The OTC gene is encoded on the X chromosome and is expressed in the mitochondrial matrix of the small intestine and liver, where it catalyzes the synthesis of citrulline from carbamoyl phosphate and ornithine (2).
17g of citrulline; an unpasteurised enriched watermelon juice (EWJ) with 6g of citrulline and a colour-similar placebo infusion of fruit-flavoured plants with a sugar content similar to the watermelon juices.
Apart from its high moisture content, the fruit is a great fat burner that contains an unusual amino acid -- L- citrulline -- which boosts energy levels and reduces fatigue.
However, the expression of all the enzymes necessary for the synthesis of Arg is restricted to the liver and the intestine mucosa, where citrulline is formed by the action of P-5-C synthetase and ornithine aminotransferase, which can be immediately converted into Arg (WU, 1997) or released into the blood stream.
Measurement of circulating mediators such as intestinal fatty acid binding protein (I-FABP) and citrulline may fill this gap, as they are validated indicators of enterocyte mass, villous atrophy and permeability.
Decreased metabolism of arg to form NO (plus forming citrulline as byproduct) has also been associated with cardiovascular risk.
complement ongoing research there to commercially extract lycopene and citrulline from the crop.
The ethanol can be fermented from the glucose, fructose and sucrose in waste-stream juices--the leftovers after lycopene and citrulline are extracted.
NOS catalyzes the oxygen and NADPH-dependent oxidation to NO and citrulline in a complex reaction involving FAD, FMN, BH4, calcium and calmodulin (Knowles & Montada, 1994; Alderton et al.
After demonstrating hyperammonaemia, a specific diagnosis can be made by analysing plasma amino acids, including citrulline and argininosuccinate, and by measuring orotate in urine.
While there is zero evidence about watermelon having any effect on male performance, the notion of citrulline increasing arginine levels is correct.
Researchers at North Carolina State University say the fruit is packed with citrulline, a chemical that stimulates the body in a similar fashion to that little blue pill that was first developed, by the way, to help heart patients until it's uplifting side effects were discovered.
Citrulline is converted by the body into another amino acid, arginine.
The neutral oxygen group of the citrulline residue is the part that is recognized by the autoantibodies.