citric acid cycle

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in all plants and animals: a series of enzymatic reactions in mitochondria involving oxidative metabolism of acetyl compounds to produce high-energy phosphate compounds that are the source of cellular energy

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These two cycles create products of that are chemically the same as the products of the citric acid cycle.
Their topics include a hypothetical generational relationship between hydrogen cyanide and constituents of the reductive citric acid cycle, evidence from meteorites on the chemistry that preceded life's origins, and the conformational and chiral selection of oligonucleotides.
Transketolase plays a role in a chain of reactions called the pentose phosphate pathway, whereas PDH and KGDH are involved in glycolysis and the citric acid cycle.
1999; Brocks et al, 1999), organisms began to use the citric acid cycle in the oxidative direction.
Wachtershauser focuses on the heart of modern metabolism, the citric acid cycle.
Succinic, malic, and citric acids are all derived from either plant or microbial intermediates of the citric acid cycle and it is interesting that only succinic acid was found in soil solutions under the LL rotation.
This citric acid cycle is often called the Krebs cycle in honor of its discoverer, and for this work, Krebs was awarded a share of the Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine in 1953.