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Synonyms for blood

Synonyms for blood

the fluid circulated by the heart through the vascular system


the crime of murdering someone

one's ancestors or their character or one's ancestral derivation

noble rank or status by birth

Synonyms for blood

temperament or disposition

a dissolute man in fashionable society

people viewed as members of a group

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smear with blood, as in a hunting initiation rite, where the face of a person is smeared with the blood of the kill

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All results were within references range, independent of sample storage times up to 4 hours, with a trend toward hypercoagulable profiles for citrated blood samples and increased platelet inhibition for the heparinized blood samples with increased storage time, and there was a significant difference when tested 4 hours after blood was drawn.
To increase the sample size, citrated blood samples from additional birds with the same origin were included for analyses of APTT and PT and measurement of fibrinogen levels.
Measurements of ionized calcium have proven of value under the following clinical conditions: transfusion of citrated blood, liver transplantation, open heart surgery, neonatal hypocalcemia, renal disease, hyperparathy-roidism, malignancy, hypertension and pancreatitis5.
A comparison of kaolin-activated versus nonkaolin-activated thromboelastography in native and citrated blood.
Microprocessor controlled instrumentation and disposable test cartridges have enabled medical technologist to perform platelet function testing on whole, citrated blood obtained from a single venipuncture.
To evaluate the optimized procedure, we obtained citrated blood samples of low volume (~3 mL) from 12 healthy volunteers with initial mean (SD) total PLT numbers (per 3 mL) of 7.