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more aromatic and acidic than oranges

more aromatic and acid tasting than oranges

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However, we found no reduced oviposition on the 4 citrange cultivars tested in this study.
2008) did not observe differences in Nova Esperaca-PR in rainfed planting, assessing the 'Valencia' orange over 'Rangpur' lime, 'Cleopatra' and 'Sunki' mandarins, 'Troyer' citrange, 'Caipira' orange (C.
Tomando en cuenta la importancia de generar citricos resistentes a plagas y enfermedades mediante ingenieria genetica, se ha obtenido brotacion adventicia con semillas de citricos tales como el naranjo dulce y citrange (Bond y Roose, 1998; Yu et al.
Fresh and dry weight of Carrizo citrange increased at 45 mM NaCl treatment compared to the control.
Spina, S, Coco V, Gentile A, Catara A, Cirvilleri G (2008) Association of Fusarium solani with rolabc and wild type Troyer Citrange.
801) and Pant lemon) in one group while three Sweet oranges (Pineapple, Blood Red and Jaffa) and the Citrange hybrid (Troyer) on the other group in which these two groups separated at 0.
Los citranges (C-32 y Carrizo) y trifoliados (Rubidoux) fueron los mas afectados, lo cual resulto congruente con lo reportado en la literatura, debido a que son ineficientes en la absorcion de Fe [Zekri, 1995; Zekri y Parsons, 1989; Castle y Gmitter, 1999].
IN case readers are wondering what this is all about, some time ago I wrote about a citrange bush.
1999) studied the production of 'Pera' CNPMF D-6, between the 4th and 7th years and observed a trend of increased fruit production, lower oBrix and total acidity for combination with 'Rangpur' lime rootstock compared to 'Cleopatra' mandarin and other rootstocks such as 'Sunki 'and 'Carrizo' citrange, differing from this study only in fruit production parameter.
Transgenic Carrizo citrange rootstocks expressing the same mutated gene driven by the 35S promoter exhibited an osmotic adjustment and supported longer periods of severe drought stress (MOLINARI et al.
Daylength and photon flux density influence the growth regulator effects on morphogenesis in epicotyl segments of Troyer citrange.