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It is a proactive civil society and under its influence an informed citizenry which constantly remind the state institutions and the government servants and make them realise that they are very much subject to the law of the land and all their actions are conditioned by official rules, procedures and codes of conduct.
The very basics for social justice are building relationship of an effective government with motivated citizenry, making political process inclusive, reducing cost of doing businesses and catering to the basic human freedoms and needs with a participatory approach, he said.
He added that the government needs the citizenry as its partner in helping to identify the services needed by every Filipino.
With all that has happened with the war on drugs and criminality, as well as the Maute group and other ISIS backed terror groups and criminal syndicates, there really needs to be heightened vigilance and security measures not only by security forces, but also by citizenry.
It aims to facilitate a socio-political discourse - the Alternate Narrative on democratic rights and responsibilities anchored in the globally accepted and practiced concepts such as Rule of Law, Equal Citizenry, Secular Governance as a primary condition for social cohesion, and Tolerance for, and acceptance of cultural diversity.
We must, however, find a way or else we risk the political and economic consequences of a poorly educated citizenry, the degradation of the human condition and decline of society.
Probably the key lesson of all these experiences -- especially in Iraq since the Anglo-American assault in 2003 -- is that elections reflect, validate and follow a democratic breakthrough by the citizenry to assert its values and rights, rather than create the conditions for it.
If you look at television in most of these countries, television is highly regulated because the leaders, partial dictators, half dictators or whatever you want to call them understand the power of television imagery to keep their citizenry in some bucket," he added.
What is the sentence for a nation that commits treason against all its citizenry for its failure to carry out justice without prejudice?
I remind the candidates that it is not enough to demand loyalty from the citizenry, but they too must be loyal to all their citizenry especially those who are weak, impoverished and oppressed.
It is a result of the American citizenry's tendency to look to the sitting president as simultaneously a unifier of the citizenry and a protector from political threats.
Not even the overwhelming support by the citizenry (as many as 70% of Uruguayans are in favor of the law) encouraged the president to respect the will of the Parliament and the people.
Gore, unlike Postman, argues that the Internet, on-line organizing, blogging, and wikis can help to reinvigorate American democracy by providing the citizenry with detailed information about the affairs of the nation and also an ability to respond to what they perceive is going on with respect to such affairs.
When a citizenry sits and watches evil run rampant, the end result can be only one of unparalleled destruction.
They were tired of all the bureaucratic red tape that sullied every project the Palmdale citizenry wanted to accomplish, and Lancaster was inevitably given preference on county perks and contracts.
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