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Journalism's theory of democracy still relies on a belief that an informed citizenry will be an engaged citizenry, that an engaged citizenry will be more participatory, and that the result will be a more democratic society.
If an informed citizenry is the basis for a democratic society, if student acquisition of information competencies is a basic outcome required of higher education, and if news media play a central role in the transmission of information to the general public, then librarians have an ethical obligation to intervene assertively in this aspect of the education of the next generation of the Fourth Estate.
If nothing else, the results remind us that our citizenry is profoundly divided on the political and moral questions of our time.
Paul was involved in one of his brushes with officialdom because of his teaching (Acts 21 ff), in the course of his interrogation he invoked the proud affirmation of citizenry, "Civis Romanus sum" (I am a Roman citizen).
In this capacity she has taken part in a Swiss bank's funding of charitable projects in South Africa and set up the World Citizenry conference at the University of Greenwich which, she says, was the first ever real-time global conference on the Internet.
Democracy should be a system, which generates well-being for a country's entire citizenry, not just for a select few people.
Lynching sought to deny African Americans their citizenry and to keep them to their "place" by, precisely, reimposing corporeality on (particularly) black men: "With the advent of Emancipation and its attendant loss of the slave system's marking of the African-American body as property," argues Wiegman, "lynching emerged to reclaim and reassert the centrality of black male corporeality, deterring the now theoretically possible move toward citizenry and disembodied abstraction.
In his introduction to Race Matters, Cornel West, director of Princeton University's Afro-American Studies program and professor of religion, contends that "What happened in Los Angeles in April of 1992 was neither a race riot nor a class rebellion," but rather "an expression of utter fragmentation by a powerless citizenry that includes not just the poor but all of us.
Without a highly educated multilingual citizenry capable of problem solving, higher order thinking and technological expertise, we cannot survive in this global universe.
Summary: There are major problems with the bread that we consume in this country and they ought to be discussed with Lebanon's citizenry, Bakers' union chief Kazem Ibrahim said Thursday.
Over 40% of the citizenry is below the age of 15 and that is contributing to strong but unmet demand for youth-oriented products and services.
Taken together, they bear on the most pressing issues facing the newly United States on the roller coaster ride from Revolution to Reconstruction: The need for an educated citizenry, the problem of faction in a large republic, the fear of disunion, and the challenge of unifying a diverse people," she writes.
19 that the Constitution "calls for the respect of religion in its indispensable role in forming a just and moral citizenry.
Greschner remarks in her paper presented to the Commission on the Future of Health Care in Canada that governments must take positive steps to ensure their citizenry enjoy those rights, and "they cannot avoid their obligations to promote access to health care services by privatizing health care".
High on the list of things the citizenry wanted: a cleanup of the waterfront, characterized by abandoned warehouses along Ross's Landing, and a restoration of the downtown.
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