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Synonyms for citizen

Synonyms for citizen

a person owing loyalty to and entitled to the protection of a given state

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On the other hand, a James Wilkinson might be asked to prevent the Burr Conspiracy, and, by most criteria, Wilkinson would have been regarded as neither faithful nor citizenly.
The Pistoian citizenry is divided against itself, "bianca e negra," which is disturbing enough for a commentator attempting to retain his own sense of citizenly integrity.
First of all, an additional citizenly obligation, namely to attend to and understand the conditions of our technological existence -- however painful that may be.
A lay public making present sense of past constitutional conflicts and commitments seeks insights that bear on the field of citizenly debate and action.
At the same time, civic associations and groupings helped sustain order and public morality, and generally leaven the materialistic individualism of commercial democracy with an inclination toward broader citizenly duties.
Clearly, citizenly activity within civil society occurs not episodically or infrequently, as with voting, but regularly and constantly, in countless small ways that are so much a part of the texture of everyday lives that people are almost unaware of them.