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Synonyms for citizen

Synonyms for citizen

a person owing loyalty to and entitled to the protection of a given state

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Promoting sense of community Business policies geared towards building citizenly behaviors; creating harmonious work environments; no employment discrimination.
The development of citizenly qualities and the performance of citizenly acts demands more of aspiring citizens above the passive acceptance implied by tacit consent and yet is not so demanding as to be inherently exclusionary.
It would be better, argues Habermas, to ground the ideal demands of legal theory (and citizenly practical reason) in another ideal: the ideal "of an open society of interpreters of the constitution.
It was essentially monarchical, a condition in which people living under a rule of law enjoyed the citizenly freedom of personal security against the caprice of civil power.
It was a well-argued citizenly intervention for which most of us should be grateful.
He traces her life and discusses her writings, which address such subjects as citizenly ethics, education, identity politics, church-state relations, Enlightenment ideals, and empire, including Lessons for Children, Sins of Government, Sins of the Nation, and many poems.
Leontius wants to approach to all his people: he delights the cultivated with the elaboration of a rhetoric speech, whose language adapts to the content; and he delights the unlettered not only with de lyrics and the parley's elocutio, but with knowable language of the citizenly Byzance.
Concretely, "Jewish Polishness" meant embrace of the post-1918 Polish state and the citizenly duties this entailed, but in exchange for Jewish civic equality and the understanding that the Jews' ethnic individuality need not be sacrificed (p.
Protest and direct action, especially when internationally co-ordinated, might seem a long way from the simple citizenly duty of taking the blue box down to the curb.
To this end, we find that civility is commonly associated with tolerance (Goldwin 1992:53; Walzer 1997:11-12), non-discrimination (Kymlicka 2001 : 298), the willingness to listen to arguments (Baubock 2000: 91; Kingwell 1995: 25), and citizenly competence (van Gunsteren 1998: 25; Barber 1999: 47; Glendon 1995: 3-4).
All variety of things suffer when work expands to fill evenings and weekends--health, for example, and citizenly participation.
Once the political is understood as already constituted by numerous approaches to and purposes for citizenly activity, the already present subject positions developing within environmental discourse themselves become subject to interrogation.