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a musical stringed instrument with strings stretched over a flat sounding board

a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings

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It is important to cither determine these amounts through the same proceeding, or determine the amount of money the player will earn first.
Families of the deceased suffer catastrophic costs, with two-thirds of poor households being underinsured against funeral costs, and are dependent on cither a regular wage earner or a grant recipient [3] The NCD epidemic in SA is an even greater burden because it is occurring concurrently with an ageing HIV-positive population.
A family with much more than it will ever need might be interested in legacy planning providing funds cither to charities through various estate planning devices, to future family members through dynasty planning or possibly a combination of both goals.
In short, the political activity baseline does not provide the right treatment for a for-profit political organization with respect to cither contributions or expenses.
However, il was noticed from the elongalion alter the aging thai this property worsened more rapidly for the treaied-montmorillonites (especially the fully covered form) as compared lo cither the neat NBR or NBR composiles based on Mont-0 despite the increase in the initial elongalion before aging in some cases (Table 3).
My point is only that evolutionary theory cannot explain cither the fact, or the reason, it abides by those norms: in other words, it's very hard to construct an evolutionary explanation for the accuracy of evolutionary' theories.
403, (4) the trial court first must address whether the evidence is even relevant, to cither the crime or to a witness's credibility.
It would take the entire length of this article just to list the different models offered by every manufacturer cither suitable to or specifically designed for personal defense or tactical use.
Whether a taxpayer decides to accrue market discount currently or reclassify gain to ordinary income upon a taxable event, the taxpayer may elect to use cither the ratable method or the cur-rent-yicld-to-maturiry method.
As soon as the New African December issue came out, the popular Gambian journalist turned academic, now based in the US, Professor Baha Galleh Jallow, hit back and accused President Jammeh of an "attempt, cither deliberate or otherwise, to re-write history".
In particular, we compare the forecast value of oil to a number of other variables such as economic slack, underlying (core) inflation, and survey measures of expected inflation, assessing oil's ability to improve the forecast of inflation as measured cither by the CPI or the core CPI (which excludes energy and food prices).
choice--they can cither advocate for more imperfect state regulation of
Using the median split procedure, participants who scored at the median could not be coded as cither high or low, leading to some missing data for the categorical analyses.