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a musical stringed instrument with strings stretched over a flat sounding board

a 16th century musical instrument resembling a guitar with a pear-shaped soundbox and wire strings

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I am not sure this is a good solution and believe that a contraction of the period of legal education should include the following: (1) perhaps an alternative or concomitant reduction in the undergraduate experience to two or three years; (2) some requirement of a mandatory internship or articling-type experience as part of legal education; (48) and (3) more explicit and elaborate preparation for the bar examination cither in the context of the formal legal education or as part of the bar preparation period right after law school.
stony land dotted with few stunted shrubs, exhibiting cither the seasonal dimorphic (Thymus sihthorpii and C.
From the precarious state of mouth-dental hygiene recorded in students, we reached the conclusion that they were not aware cither of the negative effects on their health and also on corresponding abilities.
During the Rhodesian bush war, the Rhodesian SAS made use of this to ferry troops and supplies across into Zambia as and when required, and even today there is no thorough policing of the lake by cither country.
It would take the entire length of this article just to list the different models offered by every manufacturer cither suitable to or specifically designed for personal defense or tactical use.
Exclusively buy semiconductor products cither directly from the OCM or directly from the OCMs authorized distributor/resellers.
As soon as the New African December issue came out, the popular Gambian journalist turned academic, now based in the US, Professor Baha Galleh Jallow, hit back and accused President Jammeh of an "attempt, cither deliberate or otherwise, to re-write history".
Whether a taxpayer decides to accrue market discount currently or reclassify gain to ordinary income upon a taxable event, the taxpayer may elect to use cither the ratable method or the cur-rent-yicld-to-maturiry method.
In particular, we compare the forecast value of oil to a number of other variables such as economic slack, underlying (core) inflation, and survey measures of expected inflation, assessing oil's ability to improve the forecast of inflation as measured cither by the CPI or the core CPI (which excludes energy and food prices).
According to counterfactual (3), Japan's GDP would have been much higher in the absence of cither the Tohoku disaster or Abenomics.
Two sets of pipes line cither side of the cave, which is equipped with 56 utility stations: One pipe delivers cool water to the jacketed stainless steel tanks used during day cold soaks; the other conveys warm water for heating the grapes back up.
1 Miller represents the fifth time since 2002 that the Supreme Court invoked the Eighth Amendment to bar a punishment for a class of offenders based on cither offender characteristics or the particular crime.
Unlike other combat-related medals, service members may be awarded the DWM for actions completed from cither inside or outside an actual combat zone.
If you're going to be firing short range training ammunition (SBTA) with cither your M2 or M2A1 machine gun, you must use the M3 recoil amplifier, NSN 1005-01-323-5406.