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the form of a word that heads a lexical entry and is alphabetized in a dictionary

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The Florida Style Manual was designed to aid practitioners and scholars in the use of proper citation form for Florida legal documents by providing a user-friendly guide.
Some consider English contractions, such as the "-n't" in "wouldn't" as clitics, based on the citation form being an independent word.
As will be seen in the examples below, Heptanesian masculine loan nouns end in -os, -is, -as, -es in the citation form (6a), like those in SMG (4), but feminine loan nouns end only in -a (6b) and neuter nouns in -o, or -i (6c).
But across documents, slight differences in citation form are untroublesome, though "slight" is an important qualification: differences large enough to make the reader pause to translate from a more familiar to a less familiar form impede easy reading.
10) Judges are critical of practitioners (11) for not following proper citation form (12) and are willing to impose citation requirements for documents filed in their courts, (13) and many are unwilling to have citation requirements imposed on them, citing an invasion of judicial independence (14) or administrative inconvenience.
A+Z RITZENS, the citation form plural of German Ritzen, itself the plural of Ritze, a crack
Subscription databases are programmed to retrieve electronic representations of published information--sometimes in citation form and sometimes in full text--based on a search statement entered by the researcher/ student.
It's true the manual you chose 'vastly simplifies citation form without depriving the reader of any valuable information; indeed, by requiring the full names of authors as a general rule it significantly expands the information conveyed by legal citations.
There are a number of mistakes in the footnotes, not least of which are that they follow no uniform citation form, and they contain more than a few factual or interpretive errors.
The first is to spare the writer or editor from having to think about citation form.
Looking at citation from a micro-perspective, however, one might naturally ask, "What is it that leads a writer to choose one citation form over another?
Published by the Harvard Law Review Association in conjunction with law review journals at Yale, Columbia, and the University of Pennsylvania, the Bluebook has been the preeminent authority on proper citation form for more than 70 years.
Aspen also supplies study aids, including the "Examples and Explanations" series, "Introduction to Law" series and "Aspen RoadMap" series, and the "ALWD Citation Manual," a guide to legal citation form.
At age three in about one-third of the deaf children's utterances verbs started to appear, mostly still in citation form and in sentence-final position.
Unfortunately and without explanation, the authors deviated from The Chicago Manual of Style standard interview citation form and chose a form that is circuitous and incomplete.