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Distribution of nucleotide differences between two randomly chosen cistrons in a finite population.
No cariotipo C1 os cistrons ribossomais maiores (rADN) se localizam na posicao terminal dos bracos curtos do primeiro par metacentrico, determinado por Ag-NOR e FISH com a sonda 18S rADN.
It is a tribute to Michael White's scientific honesty and open mindthathe promptly started to test predictions of Hewitt's model by experimental hybridization between PI 69 andPI96, which produced 'syntheticvirgo', and by chromosome banding, DNA replication patterns, repeated sequences, and RNA ribosomal cistrons (White et al.
In fact, what the word gene names as the cause of a phenotypic effect is not a single cistron at a single locus on a chromosome but rather the complex interaction of many cistrons: "the use of single-locus models is just a conceptual convenience" (21).
Each chromosome was designated by a series of scalars, termed Cistronic Stop Ratio Series (CSRS), representing the ratio of distributions of stop sequences in each on the 3 reading frames of all cistrons in a genome.