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No cariotipo C1 os cistrons ribossomais maiores (rADN) se localizam na posicao terminal dos bracos curtos do primeiro par metacentrico, determinado por Ag-NOR e FISH com a sonda 18S rADN.
For example the percentage of similarities between Gene and Cistron when n-gram and synonym are applied is 77% and this percentage increased to 84% and 88% (Figure 4) when data type and role of the attribute, respectively are considered.
In fact, what the word gene names as the cause of a phenotypic effect is not a single cistron at a single locus on a chromosome but rather the complex interaction of many cistrons: "the use of single-locus models is just a conceptual convenience" (21).
Em varios estudos envolvendo fungos, o cistron que codifica o RNA ribossomal (rDNA) tem sido utilizado para estudos de sistematica molecular e filogenia.
The internal transcribed spacers (ITSs) of nuclear ribosomal DNA (rDNA) is one of the most extensively sequenced molecular markers, and the region is a component of a rDNA cistron, which consists of 18S, ITS1, 5.
the nuclear ribosomal cistron to compare populations of C.
When a geneticist speaks of a gene "for" red eyes in Drosophila, he is not speaking of the cistron which acts as a template for the synthesis of the red pigment molecule.
Prior to that he was chairman and CEO of Cistron Biotechnology.
Celltech is planning to widen its portfolio to potential new products by buying Cistron and intends to finance its acquisition through a capital increase in the form of an issue of ADR certificates equal to 1.
The results follow news that Celltech was buying US-based Cistron Biotechnology for just short of pounds 12 million.
Furthermore, hybridization analysis has shown that all three chromosomes contain repeats of the rRNA cistron (consisting of 18S-5.
Plants transformed with a cistron of a potato virus Y protease (NIa) are resistant to virus infection.
Sequences of 2 regions of the nuclear ribosomal cistron (ITS2 and 28S) and a single mitochondrial gene (COI) independently grouped our O.