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a sac or cavity containing fluid especially lymph or cerebrospinal fluid


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B-mode ultrasound images in a water bath taken vertically with the axis longitudinally through the teat canal of the total mammary cisternal area in cows (Bos taurus L.
These data can provide useful information to safely effect cisternal puncture.
Nascent particles are formed when the helical nucleocapsids align along cytoplasmic membranes of the budding compartment (the membrane region between the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi complex), and virions obtain their membranes by budding into the cisternal lumen.
Using original images from Arnold Rich's work, as well as from the South African physician J N Coetzee's thesis on tuberculous meningitis, Dr Pieter Janse van Rensburg illustrated why there is doubt concerning the role of the Rich focus as the cause of basal cisternal tuberculous meningitis, and proposed a more likely pathogenetic mechanism based on radiological-pathological correlations using MR imaging.
El recorrido periferico del nervio facial se divide en cisternal dentro de la boveda craneal, intrapetroso a partir de su ingreso a la porcion petrosa del hueso temporal por el meato acustico interno hasta su emergencia a traves del foramen estilomastoideo y extrapetroso desde la base del craneo hasta la glandula parotida.
The contrast agent can be introduced as a cisternal puncture.
Madarazo I, renteria JA, paredes G,et al: Daigosis of intraventricular and cisternal cysticercosis by computerised tomography with positive intraventricular contrast medium.
35, 36) Evidence of cerebral edema will often be present and may include midline shifts, cisternal and ventricular compression, and hydrocephalus, with hydrocephalus more common in children than adults.
We can explain the mechanism of low milk fat levels that the milking machine seizes cisternal milk but not alveolar milk, where most of the fat is found (Thomas et al.
The concerns regarding epidural analgesia in this case involve a number of possibilities: the theoretical risk that infusions of large volumes of local anaesthetic could increase ICP by a secondary compression effect on cerebrospinal fluid; the risk that dural puncture in a patient with recent intracranial haemorrhage may not actually lead to brainstem herniation but may cause brain shifting, which with loss of cisternal cushioning, might tear fragile fibrin plugs and result in renewed intracranial bleeding.
Ultrastructural changes at this stage paralleled the biochemical findings in that the mitochondria were dramatically altered in size and shape and there was extensive loss of the basal plasma membrane infoldings together with complex cisternal proliferation in proximal tubular cells.
Their criteria include a GCS[greater than or equal to]13, midline shift <l0mm, absence of CSF basal cisternal effacement, and absence of other associated intraparenchymal lesions.
Effect of tryptophan administration on tryptophan, 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid and indoleacetic acid in human lumbar and cisternal cerebrospinal fluid.