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a sac or cavity containing fluid especially lymph or cerebrospinal fluid


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Heavy [T.sub.2] sequences were used to visualize cisternal segment of the nerve which is surrounded by cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) (16).
In this case, MRI with contrast revealed the diffuse contrast enhancement in the cisternal segment of the left oculomotor nerve.
However, when focusing on the cisternal portion, MRI findings revealed intact facial nerve and entrapped auditory nerve.
Among all the clinical parameters, GCS on arrival and among radiological parameters Cisternal status, Brainstem Distortion, Midline shift on CT scan showed significance, Table 3.
Follow-up diffusion MRI revealed that the extending nodular enhancements within and adjacent to the optic chiasm at the basal cisternal level and in the leptomeningeal layers in the posterior fossa had disappeared.
B) Axial gadolinium-enhanced T1-weighted image shows enhancement within the cisternal segment of both the vestibulocochlear nerve complex and the facial nerve.
On the other hand, perimesencephalic cisternal compression is able to reveal mass effect in the presence of bilateral, multiple, or posterior fossa lesions; but it is at best considered semiquantitative measurement.
A cisternal puncture would have been required to obtain a satisfactory specimen.
Winkels et al., "Impairment of in vivo theta-burst long-term potentiation and network excitability in the dentate gyrus of synaptopodin-deficient mice lacking the spine apparatus and the cisternal organelle," Hippocampus, vol.
In the pons, approximately at the level of the cisternal segment of CN V, the primary sensory nucleus mediates facial tactile sensation, and the motor nucleus innervates the muscles of the first branchial arch (Figure 1) (2).
The cranial MRI revealed diffuse thickening of the cisternal and cavernous segments of bilateral oculomotor nerves and the cisternal and canalicular segments of bilateral facial and vestibulocochlear nerves.
Gd-DTPA enhancement of the cisternal portion of the oculomotor nerve on MR imaging.
The milk from the cisternal cavity of the teat was drained out either by hand milking or by using sterile teat siphon.
This method makes it also possible to assess changes in the cisternal size in different dairy species during lactation [2, 6, 12, 25].