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a thin uniform layer of hazy cloud at high altitude

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Cirrostratus Fibratus results from fast flowing, high altitude airstreams bearing Cirrus ice particles flowing in different directions, often with only a few hundred feet vertical separation.
Later, Wendler (1969) described the ice fog as a dense cirrostratus cloud near the surface.
This beautiful phenomenon is caused by sunlight passing through high Cirrostratus clouds which consist of ice crystals.
"They are often seen in this country, usually as high cirrus and cirrostratus clouds are increasing from the west in advance of Atlantic frontal systems."
In the poem "CS" from the "Sky Scrapers" sequence, for instance, she uses technical terms like "cirrostratus" and "transparent overcast" followed by the casual "still kinda whitish" and then the rollicking r-rolling haloes spiralling down to consumptive rouge with bits of seethe and brood very low keyed rage.
Divided into sections devoted to low, middle, and high clouds, this field guide to the sky includes such details as that cumulonimbus clouds are ferocious storm producers, that altocumulus lenticularis clouds look like UFOs, and that cirrostratus clouds have a tendency for form halos.
With about 25 minutes to go until totality, a low layer of cirrostratus formed over us.
which look like nets thrown over the firmament; forms of arrows; stars with long fibrous tails, cyphen shaped curves, and lines with pendulous or with erect fringes, ornament the sky; still different appearances of stars and waves again appear, as these clouds change to cirrocumulus or cirrostratus, which modifications also seem to form and subside spontaneously, in different planes, and with the varied and dissimilar appearances of flocks at rest, fleeces of wool, or myriads of small specks; of long tapering columns like the tail of the great manis, or of mackeral back skies, or of striae, like the grains of wood.