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Sheltered hard bottoms with bivalves and the cirriped Amphibalanus improvisus
Biofouling is made up of hundreds of species, such as tubicolous bacteria, protozoan, seaweed, mollusks, bryozoans, cirripeds, polychaetes, ascidians, hydrozoans, and so on.
Cirripeds of the family Lepadidae were found in a specimen caught around Desventuradas islands (Baez & Ruiz, 1985).
It is possible that the lack of effect was due to exposure to small individual cirripeds, and it would be interesting to examine A.
The most important prey found in both species were polychaetes, amphipods and isopods, while cirripeds, crabs, cumaceans, brittlestars and mollusks were the less consumed prey; for this reason these prey were grouped together for analysis as "other prey".