cirrhosis of the liver

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a chronic disease interfering with the normal functioning of the liver


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"On May 5, a prison GP noted Mr Richards' non-alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, sepsis, and enlarged spleen.
Kisiel says primary liver cancer is a major cause of suffering and death for patients who have cirrhosis of the liver or patients with hepatitis B infections.
The star wrote, "After multiple tests, we found out she actually has advanced cirrhosis of the liver & kidney failure.
If you have cirrhosis of the liver you'll be advised to stop drinking.
Professor Barrett also revealed how he had seen a child developing cirrhosis of the liver.
In a Christmas shocker for EastEnders' fans, the tough guy discovers he has cirrhosis of the liver. A doctor tells Phil - played by Steve McFadden, 56, for 25 years - the damage is irrep-arable and he faces an early death if he keeps drinking.
One hundred twenty patients with cirrhosis of the liver and minimal hepatic encephalopathy were randomly assigned to receive standard treatment (lactulose, 30-60 ml per day) or a probiotic preparation (VSL#3, 450 billion colony-forming units per day) for 2 months.
(2) "Statistics by Country for Cirrhosis of the Liver",, accessed January 25, 2015,
The disease, which is characterised by cirrhosis of the liver due to deposition of copper, was widely prevalent in most parts of the country till the mid 1980s.
His brother Richard said the family had anticipated Mr Oakes, who had cirrhosis of the liver, dying of alcoholism instead.
After AtatE-rk succumbed to cirrhosis of the liver at ystanbul's Dolmabahce Palace, his body was first taken to a temporary resting place at the Ethnography Museum in Ankara on Nov.
Dr Dragana Cvijan added that John was a heavy drinker with cirrhosis of the liver, and his body could not absorb caffeine properly.
The disease can cause cirrhosis of the liver and liver cancer.
A TEESSIDE man died in hospital of alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and heart disease despite efforts to save him, a Middlesbrough inquest heard.
Dr Abdullah cited the different types of viruses that can infect the liver such as Hepatitis A, B and C, which transmits through the blood and causes cirrhosis of the liver or even cancer.