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candlewood of Mexico and southwestern California having tall columnar stems and bearing honey-scented creamy yellow flowers

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Jeffrey Cirio (Lia's brother) is a standout as the Golden Idol, springing into vivid, asymmetrical shapes that twist and spin midair.
The courses at Cirio Italian Kitchen cost pounds 55 per person and include wine, food and the cookery demonstration.
Boston Ballet artistic director Mikko Nissinen remember where Cirio stood at the barre the day she auditioned for Boston Ballet II last year.
Caserta Salvi, Castela-notti, Caster, CD&R, Cema, Cereol, Chiari & Forti, CIOS, Cirio, Clas, CLE, Clesa, CNP, Codefa-Orca, Colavita, Connacht Gold, Cono, Consorzio Granlatte, Coop Schweiz, Cooper.
Although RH Amar is still distributing Cirio branded products to the independent sector in the UK, Del Monte Europe, which supplied the brand into the multiples, is being sold to Del Monte Fresh, and the Cirio brand is not part of the deal.
Also newly available are a range of Gourmet Classic cooking wines and a range of tomato pastes from The Cirio Company.
Chips, Christ, Christo-poulos, Cinco Tenedores, Cirio, Citterio, Claude Leger, Clavo Coren, Clayton Love, Cogesal, Coldwater Seafoods, Collet, Comercial Gallo, Compass, Comtesse du Barry, Confelsa, Congalsa, Cons.
The companies, including Cirio, Parmalat and CPC, represent around 14% of the market, putting a significant proportion of the crop in jeopardy.
Rod Groundes-Peace, head of marketing at Cirio Del Monte, also believes the buoyant figures are due largely to innovation on the fixture.
Greece, Carcesa, Cecab, Centura Foods, Cerealis, CGC, Chalkis Xianjiang, Charlier- Brabo, Chistu, Chovi, Chymos, Cirio, Cirio de Rica, Colmans, Columbus, Comercial Gallo, Compal, Compre y Compare, Conservas Napal, Conserve Mediter.
Campbell Soup, Candrian Seafood, Capitaine Cook, Capitaine Houat, CapVest Equity, Carlos Albo, Carnes Nobre, Castiglione, CD&R, Cecab, Cermaq, Cerny, CGC, Chamco Foods, Chamco Seafoods, Chance-relle, Charles Amand, Charly Guennec, Chevance, Chinook, Chips, Chur-walden, Cirio, CKI Seafoods, Coalma, Coam, Coberco, Cobreco, Cocedero Suarez, Cofaco, Cogesal, Colco, Coldfish, Coldwater Seafoods, Comalpe, Comapeche, ConAgra, Confremar, Congalsa, Congelados y Derivados, Congimex, Connors Seafoods, Conserv.
Cirio Fund at Teikyo Post University in Waterbury, Connecticut.
The administrators of the group have stated publicly that a number of parties, Italian and international, have expressed interest in the various Cirio divisions.
Campbell France, Campbell Soup, Campofrio, Candimex, Capitaine Cook, Carcesa, Cargill, Carlos Albo, Carnes Nobre, Carton, Castiglione, CCA, CD&R, CdN, Cebeco, Cecab, Centura Foods, Cervo, Cevenasa, CGC, Champi Jandou, Chance-relle, Chesswoods, Christ, Cial, Cirio, Cirio de Rica, Claude Leger, Coalma, Coberco, Cobreco, Cofaco, Cofrusa, Cofrutos, Colco, Colgate Palmolive, Comalin, Comalpe, Compal, Compre y Compare, Comtesse du Barry, ConAgra, Cons.
Gallucci-Cirio established the Italian academic studies and the center when she made a $1 million endowment to the college in memory of her brother, Joseph Louis Gallucci, and her husband, Henry Aldo Cirio," said Ms.