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a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance

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The new TROLLBO pendant lamp is inspired by a circus tent with a flag at the top in the form of cord decorations.
In Talatum, the circus tent as an organizational space brings together varied performance practices where each form stands for itself as well as the community that it represents.
"This season, people of Qatar and visitors will be able to experience the latest international thrill rides brought from Europe to entertain both kids and adults, including Drop Tower, Roller Coaster, G-Force and a Giant Ferris Wheel, to name a few, in addition to various activities areas and zones such as a Paintball arena, Dinosaur Park and Circus tent with a breathtaking acts and performances performed by world's most famous artistes," the statement notes.
This is in addition to the various activity areas and zones such as Paintball arena, Dinosaur Park and Circus tent with a breath-taking acts and performances by the world's most famous artistes.
Part of the cafe has been transformed into a playroom complete with soft matting, a mini circus tent for den building, dressing up clothes, books, games, jigsaws and age-appropriate toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers.
Under the circus tent you will find concessions, free games and a live band.
The playfully titled 'Ze Papu and Mamu Show'-a nod to the couple's terms of endearment-looked carnivalesque in the publicity material, echoing a variety show in a circus tent. 5TABERNAK, Underbelly Circus Hub, August 4-25 Circus-These Canadian acrobats with bushy beards and tiny pants are back with a new show, turning a circus tent into a rollerskating musical church service.
Look out for the special Circus tent at Liverpool ONE where you'll find free workshops for kids to try their hand at learning impressive tricks including tightrope walking, plate spinning, ribbon, juggling and trampolining.
In the Revenge of Chucky scare zone, guests will be stalked by possessed toys while the Killer Klowns area will put helpless visitors in an interstellar circus tent filled with raygun-toting terrors.
In conjunction with charity Stand Up for Humanity, the trio will take to the stage at the Big Top circus tent, raising money for women in rural India and Africa to enable them to start their own business.
These stories parade beneath a circus tent knit by the underlying theme of the power of art.
Silk-screened glass candy jars have tin lids made to look like the top of a circus tent and are embellished with a ring of horses that recalls a merry-go-round.
Whoever it was, was given their brief, and then Eddie Mannix's job was - he was beyond PR - he was a magician in terms of creating it, and then he had to protect that image from the Thackers of the world who would come in and try to see round the back of the circus tent. Then they did deals, and presumably he would say, 'Okay, we've got this young starlet and we want a puff piece'.
Manal Shakir's dream world for her protagonists in Magic Within (Harper- Collins, `342) is a circus tent -- where Master Masti orders them to walk on a tightrope, juggle and trapeze.