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a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance

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we sat solid under a tiny circus tent, / as our guru played our chakras on this ancient sitar.
Chewie found his flashlight and imagined a night shadow circus tent when he saw Oliver and Millie making shadow puppets inside.
Wearing what looks like one circus tent over another, her double-maxi combo lacks her usual fashion talent.
In seven heats the artists perform in a circus tent complex located on the River Seine in Paris, in front of a live audience and a jury.
We even took a circus tent to Sefton Park and have got a plaque at The Cavern.
Graphically competent, but lacking in innovation, Madagascar 3 will certainly entertain fans of the film for a few hours, but unless you have a willing playing partner to take enjoyment levels through the circus tent roof, it may be one circus where it's worth waiting for cut-price tickets.
These include a Kids' Theatre Tent, Kids' Circus Tent and Kids' Arts and Crafts Tent.
A circus tent with a diameter of 36 metres and draped in striking red colour has been erected.
Four hundred people attended our barbecue in the Sailor Circus tent in the middle of the summer, and it was burning hot.
The Ringmaster, enigmatic but with a dark past, offers Trix a place in the Circus after she accidentally falls through a mirror that disguises the true nature of the circus tent.
It turned out the circus tent was pitched on council ground and they ordered us to move our tent to the rundown funfair complex which was out of sight, and we would have to pitch our tent on hard rocks nearer to the sea.
The cheer came just as 42 children arrived in a mini-van rushing into the circus tent with enthusiasm.
Inspired by his fun and flamboyant Spring -- Summer 2009 'Circus' collection, Manish Arora captured the candy colours and enchanting creativeness of the circus within three NIVEA Soft Limited Edition jars which display graceful trapeze artists and acrobats, a circus tent, and starry dreams.
The superstar promised guests "the party of the year" in a circus tent at his Neverland ranch.