circus acrobat

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an acrobat who performs acrobatic feats in a circus

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Downton Abbey's Jessica Brown Findlay plays circus acrobat Lorelei, The Bank Job's Daniel Mays is circus ringmaster Barnaby, Pirates of the Caribbean's Bronson Webb plays Rafferty and Sherlock's Andrew Scott plays Inspector Turpin.
This is to be contrasted with the pop culture expression of the circus acrobat's feminine aesthetic: the so-called "pole dancer." Though the object of this form is vulgar sexuality -- and some practitioners are expected to supplement their onstage acts with private performances of a more coarse nature -- accomplished pole dancers enact routines every bit as impressive as the leotard-clad ladies on the trapeze.
Eight months later he flew back to Britain after getting a job as a circus acrobat in Blackpool.
The launch follows accusations that 32-year-old circus acrobat Godfrey Zaburoni may have knowingly spread HIV by having unprotected sex with hundreds of potential partners.
Moscow State Circus acrobat, Zviad Garabashvili, flies high in the sky above Sefton Park Picture: COLIN LANE/
A daredevil circus acrobat has set a new world record for cycling along a high wire.
There follows a James Bondish romp across Russia and America as Lord connects with a female Russian circus acrobat, works through a prophecy by Rasputin, and solves a mystery surrounding the murders of Nicholas II and his family.
There was a jumbo vase ringed with trumpeting elephants; dancing bears, elephants and tigers on top of drums; and circus acrobat figurines.
Which European royal has fallen for two circus acrobat brothers?
Dogged at every turn by sinister specters of Death (Nacha Guevara, also from first pic) and "new persecutor" Time (Manuel Bandera), Oliverio spies lovely circus acrobat Alejandra (Ariadna Gil) on a poster and heads to the Spanish seaside resort of Sitges to woo her.
He participated in sports and plays and it was there that he met a former circus acrobat by the name of "Curly" Brent who introduced him to the world of gymnastics and parallel bars.
Close by, a male Sympetrum perches vertically, head down, like a circus acrobat. Knowing the names and some facts about them has added a new dimension to my photography and I completely forget about the blazing heat and prepare to stalk.
Meanwhile, Igor fans the flames of a fledgling romance with a circus acrobat Lorelei (Jessica Brown Findlay) and God-fearing Inspector Roderick Turpin (T Andrew Scott) vows to bring down Victor for mocking his religion.
A Mrs Brown's Boys B Misfits C Miranda D Benidorm QUESTION 7 - for 7 points: Which British prime minister had a father who had been a circus acrobat? A John Major B Clement Attlee C Harold Wilson D Edward Heath QUESTION 8 - for 8 points: Which of the following might wear a martingale?
| Former circus acrobat Lenya White, 30 , is setting up her own business and has created bespoke cake and health bars with the help of Working Links PICTURE: Peter Bolter (c)