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Synonyms for circumvolution

circular movement around a point or about an axis

Words related to circumvolution

the act of turning or winding or folding around a central axis

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Therefore, let's dive into the circumvolutions within the priest's brain, following the noun as it searches for the adjective.
There is a wide variety of styles and quality in the art included, such as the symmetric and beautiful obsessions of Agustin Lesage, reminiscent of perhaps the most famous Brut artist, Adolf Wolfli, the art nouveau-like circumvolutions and biological motifs of Helen Butler Wells, and the haunting installations of thousands of pages by Vanda Vieira-Schmidt.
Lateral and basal junctions between EOs and the peritoneum show circumvolutions and a close association (Fig.
los colores de una geografia inedita Mis meningies circunvolutorias son redes de itinerarios El verticilo cosmico se destrie en petalos intactos In my cranium the colors of an unknown geography/ get jumbled up/ The circumvolutions of my meninges/ are networks of itineraries/ The cosmic whorl/ disintegrates into intact petals ("Semaforo," 1-6/23) </pre> <p>The inattentive perception of the subject of "Semaforo" is the opposite of the contemplative gaze of Machado's observer.
But his attitude remains timid, prudent, full of all kinds of detours, of sotto voce affirmations, of circumvolutions and apologies (p.