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Synonyms for circumvolution

circular movement around a point or about an axis

Words related to circumvolution

the act of turning or winding or folding around a central axis

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(38) The ceremony during which the deity is taken out of the temple to be transported by the priests in circumvolution. This is also the day when the devadasi sing, moving her body rhythmically in front of the image of Sri Manguesh.
(a) Image of 'brain circumvolutions' in the ileum mucosa in a case of anaemia caused by haemorrhagic proliferative enteritis.
The circumvolutions and the eccentric apex of the oospora are shown.
The 6 Fr silicon catheter was used to reproduce the circumvolutions of the ureter (Figure 1).
The only unit without obstruction could be a result of a fail in the creation of circumvolutions. The diagnosis of ureteral obstruction is commonly made by [sup.99m]Tc-DTPA diuretic renogram [14, 15].
Therefore, let's dive into the circumvolutions within the priest's brain, following the noun as it searches for the adjective.
The cerebral cortex is characterized by numerous creases (including gyri (bumps) and sulci (sulcus sg.) (ditches)) which are called circumvolutions. Each cerebral hemisphere is divided by deeper sulci (grooves) called fissures into five lobes, four located on the surface frontal lobe (the faces of the hemispheres), parietal lobe (central parts of the cerebral hemispheres), temporal lobe (external and lateral parts of the cerebral hemispheres) and occipital lobe (posterior parts of the cerebral hemispheres)-and one located centrally-the island (fig.
There is a wide variety of styles and quality in the art included, such as the symmetric and beautiful obsessions of Agustin Lesage, reminiscent of perhaps the most famous Brut artist, Adolf Wolfli, the art nouveau-like circumvolutions and biological motifs of Helen Butler Wells, and the haunting installations of thousands of pages by Vanda Vieira-Schmidt.
Lateral and basal junctions between EOs and the peritoneum show circumvolutions and a close association (Fig.
But his attitude remains timid, prudent, full of all kinds of detours, of sotto voce affirmations, of circumvolutions and apologies (p.
The Master, of course, did not type himself, but dictated to a Miss Theodora Bosanquet, who faithfully transcribed on a Remington the circumvolutions, qualifications, and "hanging fire" that the elderly James was committing to posterity.
The micrographs corresponding to positions 1 and 3, opaque samples, show rows of spherical domains like brain circumvolutions; while the micrograph corresponding to position 2, the translucent sample, shows very small particles.
Finally (an arbitrary closure since the feuillete or layering of the superimposed metaphors is even richer), "reflexion" and "droit fil" bring us back to the "reseu" while proleptically sounding the Catullan notes "tenui fib" and "reflexibus/reflexit." [81] The operating principle of the successful literary or visual representation of "l'action genitale" is not the "droit fil" but, rather, the circumvolutions of the "fil d'Ariane" which reproduce the windings of the labyrinth.