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Synonyms for circumstantial

Synonyms for circumstantial

characterized by attention to detail

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fully detailed and specific about particulars

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9) Weststeijn (1989) provides an early approach to the description of what he calls "lyric sujet" mainly pointing out the specifically poetic features of plot, namely the tendencies to generality, the reduction of circumstantiality and the preference for mental developments.
At the same time, the revised romance locates its proliferating exemplary narratives within a wide variety of interpretive contexts and frames: narrative and experiential circumstantiality is not erased by its governing method.
In The School for Scandal comic circumstantiality is privileged over abstract morality, as it is in The Rivals and in She Stoops to Conquer.
Where Campbell has provided authenticity through circumstantiality, Zukovskij has achieved it through association with Ossianic myth.
The concept of "worldliness" for Said was a profound understanding of circumstantiality (materiality) and the role of what Marx refers to as "sensuous" human activity in interpretation.
Silva-Corvalan found that three contextual features, frame of reference, circumstantiality, and susceptibility to change, provided the means through which language loss across three generations of speakers could be characterized.
The scale of his activity (clearly much greater than the surviving manuscripts in his hand), the links (not all of them necessarily posthumous) between his manuscripts and forms of commercial copying, the extreme circumstantiality of many of his rubrics and attributions, his own connections with a known scribe, John Cok, and his professed attempts to circulate his manuscripts are factors which, in part and in sum, cannot be readily reduced to simple formulations.