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Synonyms for circumstantial

Synonyms for circumstantial

characterized by attention to detail

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fully detailed and specific about particulars

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Moreover, other signs of formal thought disorder such as illogicality, concrete thinking, and circumstantiality may occur both in schizophrenia and in individuals with borderline intelligence in absence of psychosis.
9) Weststeijn (1989) provides an early approach to the description of what he calls "lyric sujet" mainly pointing out the specifically poetic features of plot, namely the tendencies to generality, the reduction of circumstantiality and the preference for mental developments.
The notion of the status passage had also been examined with reference to the experiences of gay men as they transitioned through life with HIV and AIDS, where six major interrelated properties of the status passage were identified: reversibility, temporality, shape, desirability, circumstantiality, and multiple status passages (Lewis, 1999; Glaser & Strass, 1971).
Rather than concentrating on types of passages, they examine passages through different variables--reversibility, temporality, shape, desirability, circumstantiality, and multiplicity--followed by chapters on individual, collective, aggregate, and multiple passages.
He moves deftly from subject to subject, with a stress on circumstantiality, and so when he deals with decisive biographical events or outstanding artistic achievements he folds them largely into an everyday context.
In most cases, it seems that an aura of contextuality, circumstantiality and situationality are embedded in our conception and definition of the nature of plurality, (71) a similar feat shared by and that tends to inundate our understanding of the resilient concept of ethnicity in Africa.
Defoe's insights were into the limits rather than the exploitation of a narrative realism that relied on plausible circumstantiality.
At the same time, the revised romance locates its proliferating exemplary narratives within a wide variety of interpretive contexts and frames: narrative and experiential circumstantiality is not erased by its governing method.
In The School for Scandal comic circumstantiality is privileged over abstract morality, as it is in The Rivals and in She Stoops to Conquer.
This emphasis on new understandings of the human creature through new representations guides his pithy, illuminating account of the novel's development: from a focus on plot and story, to an emphasis on psychological plausibility and material circumstantiality (from Balzac and Flaubert through Joyce and Proust), to the surrealist-existentialist-metafictional works of such writers as Kafka, Garcia Marquez, and Kundera himself.
Suggesting even more broadly that the transnational is "a critical frame that deliberately recognizes the circumstantiality of knowledge," Chuh thus conjoins it to a critique of both academic disciplines and interdisciplinary studies as circumstantial knowledges.
Circumstantiality, verisimilitude, and many more of the qualities which we recognize as identifying characteristics of realism in narrative are all natural functions of the eye-witness point of view.
always incorporated speaking and writing, reading and telling, and accepted as inevitable not the separation between speech and writing, not the disjunction between a text and its circumstantiality, but rather their necessary interplay.