circumstantial evidence

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evidence providing only a basis for inference about the fact in dispute

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Finding that it seemed impossible to trap Tarzan through any voluntary act of his own, Rokoff and Paulvitch put their heads together to hatch a plan that would trap the ape-man in all the circumstantial evidence of a compromising position.
"If ever circumstantial evidence pointed to a criminal it does so here."
"Circumstantial evidence is a very tricky thing," answered Holmes thoughtfully.
Michael's pear-tree, near which he always passed at nightfall: the circumstantial evidence appeared so strong that Dominicus doubted whether the autograph produced by the lawyer, or even the niece's direct testimony, ought to be equivalent.
During the whole four days I had not seen the girl, as she evidently kept closely to her room; and during this time no untoward incident had occurred aboard the boat--a fact which seemed to strengthen the web of circumstantial evidence about her.
"In this simple way, madame," replied Monte Cristo; "the waistcoat and the letter were both what is termed circumstantial evidence; I therefore sent them to the king's attorney.
Nevertheless, as he lived in a spacious house in Golden Square, which, in addition to a brass plate upon the street-door, had another brass plate two sizes and a half smaller upon the left hand door-post, surrounding a brass model of an infant's fist grasping a fragment of a skewer, and displaying the word 'Office,' it was clear that Mr Ralph Nickleby did, or pretended to do, business of some kind; and the fact, if it required any further circumstantial evidence, was abundantly demonstrated by the diurnal attendance, between the hours of half- past nine and five, of a sallow-faced man in rusty brown, who sat upon an uncommonly hard stool in a species of butler's pantry at the end of the passage, and always had a pen behind his ear when he answered the bell.
If the prosecution uses a narrative opening argument, jurors are more likely to imagine a temporally coherent FIS, because the argument will help them keep track of the circumstantial evidence the prosecution presents in its case-in-chief.
There's compelling circumstantial evidence that the star had undergone eruptions similar to the one witnessed some 150 years ago, says theorist Mario Livio of the Space Telescope Science Institute.
Since Larsen's personal papers and manuscripts were lost after her death, Hutchinson summons her ghost, relying on circumstantial evidence, including insurance atlases, building blueprints, census data, employment records, newspaper clippings and the notes and daybooks of Larsen's mentor, Carl Van Vechten, the controversial author/photographer and collector of artifacts of black culture.
I agree that we don't know absolutely for sure what happened, but we do have a great deal of circumstantial evidence. We know from the calls that those aboard the plane felt compelled to do something once they realized this was a suicide mission.
Repeated distributions to pay pre- and post-death expenses provided strong circumstantial evidence of an understanding that the FLP's assets would be so used.
It was based on circumstantial evidence, some of it questionable, and police testimony indicating that Williams confessed to the crime.
Although there is as yet no direct evidence linking this human sex ratio decline to environmental exposures, the circumstantial evidence suggests there may be a connection.
To support their hypothesis, the Colchesters, a father daughter team, rounded up circumstantial evidence that animal remains imported by the U.K.